Sunday, February 28, 2010

Practice what you preach - 160

He looked at signs about earth friendly products
as the last sweet bite of Chantilly cake
passed his lips.
Why had Whole Foods
served it in a plastic container?

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Brian Miller said...

nice 160...its one thing to think about, read, spout off about, its another to actually do it. and decide to spend you money on those that support it. smiles.

my 160 is up!

the walking man said...

Isn't odd that "saving the planet" has become a for profit enterprise?

Unknown said...

I am really getting into recycling,
unfortunately, now everyone is
taking it seriously enough.


mine is called


Nessa said...

Did they ruin the cake experience for you?

Mirror, Mirror

Felicitas said...

Good question! I guess we can't be perfect ALL the time.

Ms Hen's said...

Great Environmental Message (great music on your site too).. :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I finally took the challenge.

This one's for your mom.

Maude Lynn said...


Green-Eyed Momster said...

It drives me nuts when they start marketing something in plastic, like fruit. It doesn't need packaging. I forget what it's called but I saw a guy at work drinking his "fruit" out of a plastic bottle and I asked him if it was good. He said "It has the consistency of puke."
Don't mess with Mother Nature!

Great 160. Maybe you should be working on an alternate packaging for cake?

Enchanted Oak said...

A lot of the PET plastics are recycled and reused. They're as good as paper, at least here in our town where the plastic containers are recycled. However, I didn't fail to get your point. Whole Foods presents one of those "Huh?" moments.

Larry said...

Never even thought about lead poisoning especially when you use lead jigs for crappy or cat fish. Another thing I learned were the plastic holders for canned beverages end up around the necks of Adult ducks and ducklings the same with possom and skunks choking them to death. A good example of the things that happen to wildlife because of the carelessness of mankind is located on "This Blog Of Mine" from a few years ago I think you should check it out you'll find it hard to believe but it's true I've even got the pictures to back it up you'll find the link to this incredible story provided below please read it.

Life Sucks

Thanks Larry.

Larry said...

Ha ha I was so carried away with the first posting i forgot to leave my Sunday–160 posted for you also. Thanks monkey man I learned a lot about reuse, reduce, recycle. I was never involved with it before my wife took care of that part around the house, but, I did learn a lot and will also take part in it now too you'll find my link below.


Thanks Larry

Cameron said...

HHHHAAAA! good question. Suppose it's recycled plastic, that you are supposed to recycle promptly after scarfing the cake :)

Monkey Man said...

The clear plastic container was meant to showcase the food and wasn't recyclable. I even asked an employee where the bin was for recycling the container and was told it was the trash. Shame on them. I know plastics and there are many recyclable materials available for that same use. If you want to me green, don't just choose a shade - be green.