Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What The Hell Wednesday - Iowa Insanity

Resurrected for today - another What the Well Wednesday. This time I simply ask, "Is it just Iowa that is insane? Or is it all of America?", after reading the headline in my morning paper that said "Romney, Santorum in surprise tie".

These are choices? A man who blames liberalism for abuse in the Catholic Church versus a man who believes that life begins at the moment of conception? In whose reality?

It appears that conservatism truly believes the only way to garner attention is to pander to extremist groups. In this case the far right. My only hope is that it is then the far right whose votes have been tallied in Iowa and this isn't a true consensus of the Grand Old Party.

It appears those smart enough and talented enough to run for America's highest office are also smart enough to run away from it. The position is now the crowning achievement of ambition for career politicians and not a home for true leadership.

It is a sad state America when we pick up our morning papers and see those headlines, shake our heads and mutter "What the Hell?"