Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frozebud - 55

Early cold can strike at the heart
leaving life alone
to never know the beauty
of being in full bloom.
Rather to prune frozen feelings
of a life left unfulfilled
than to allow the rot
of the past
to prevent a healthy start
in Spring’s new beginnings.

Winters will pass.

New blooms will be revealed.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What The Hell Wednesday - The Naked Truth

Welcome back to What The Hell Wednesday where we strip stories down and analyze the possibilities behind the published reports. I must admit I was torn today because there were several stories that were just too good to pass up. I skipped the story of the woman who beat her husband for bringing home cold take out and figured it would be more fun to flesh out the following two stories. That's right I was too wishy washy to pick just one.

Security Camera Snaps Man in Cemetery

PICAYUNE, Mississippi - A man caught naked in a church cemetery says he was trying to take photographs of spirits. Robert Hurst told The Picayune Item that he removed his clothes because he believes skin is the best canvas to show spirits' orbs of energy.

The 47-year-old said he only intended to remove his shirt, but he took off all his clothes - a move he now calls "stupid."

Authorities had set up a motion-activated camera to try to catch vandals. The chief deputy in Pearl River County said Hurst was not accused of vandalism, but the camera caught an unexpected image of Hurst naked and landed him a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure.

Postal Employee Arrested for Delivering Mail Naked

WHITEFISH BAY, Wis. - A Wisconsin postal carrier says he simply wanted to cheer up a woman who seemed "stressed out" when he decided to deliver mail in the buff. But upon further review, the worker told police that delivering mail while completely naked probably wasn't a good idea.

A police report says the 52-year-old man told the woman he would deliver the mail in the nude to her office in Whitefish Bay to make her laugh. The report says that on Dec. 4 he brought the mail wearing only a smile.

The mail carrier was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior several days later. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the man admitted delivering the mail naked was a stupid thing to do.

Well how about that! Both of these guys admit their actions were a stupid thing to do. How mature. Is there hope here that either one has a brain in his head? I doubt it. So let's dress these stories down one item at a time, starting with - Naked Cemetery Guy.

First off, don't you think this guy spends a bit too much time watching Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters of one of those other 'searching for afterlife' shows? I mean really. I have my beliefs and have even posted about a personal experience. But I didn't get naked. Do ghosts really get all turned on by the "canvas" of a naked body? I don't think so. I think what we have here is a nut job that likes to get naked in cemeteries....plain and simple.

As to Naked USPS Dude - Yeah, that's what brings most women out of a funk....seeing their mailman stripped to the bone. Ack! That doesn't sound right and now I have an even worse picture of the incident in my brain...GET IT OUT!

This brings a whole new definition to the term "delivering a package". Oh, yes. It's bad pun time. We can have some fun with this one. The mail carrier is now the butt of all jokes down at the post office and everyone knows what he has in his mail bag.

We all know for certain that the people who viewed the cemetery video and the poor woman who was in need of a smile did a double take and said, "What the Hell?"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Shot - Still Waters

Silhouetted by the dampened glare of street lights,
the beautifully curved form glanced skyward
trying to find romance in stars
lost to the impenetrable gray
of late night clouds.
Her long graceful fingers
slowly sliding over her slender waist
and round hips
as if imagining her hands
as those of a longed for lover.
Wetness dripped tears of rain
down the window before her,
matching the mascara tinted dew
falling from her lashes.
She hoped the rain
would wash away the gloom
and once again flood her heart
with the love of another.
She felt deserving
and knew desire.
But wanted a real
and tender love
tinged with passion
yet full of understanding.
It was there for her
if she had patience.
If she could wade through
the shallow puddles of a man
and find the depth of soul
to match the soul she carried within.
The silhouette slipped on her rain boots
and walked out into heaven’s tears
in search of puddles to splash
and deep waters from which to drink.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday 160 - A Cymbal of Excellence

Percussion was his love and strength.
His dream was to entertain in public all the time.
He practiced for hours and hours
until he made his unforgettable debut.


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