Thursday, February 4, 2010

Candle Light 55

Light from the candles
flickered in the slight breeze
created as the stranger walked by.
The subtle change in light
wasn’t noticed.
On cat feet, he crept
ever nearer to the unsuspecting host.
Clenching and unclenching
the object in his hand,
he let his presence become known.

“Fuse wasn’t worth a damn. I changed it."


This is a Flash Fiction Friday 55.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back from the cold

Upon my return from my company's week long "International Sales Meeting" (big deal, we have a facility in Paris and an office in the UK - the rest of us are pure Americana) I have had little time to read my favorite blogs, let alone write. So just to torture you all, I am going to vomit a technicolor recap of my missing week. Random and self serving. Read on if you wish or leave now while you still can.

First and foremost, our meeting took place in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. No big deal you say? Well, for a Northwesterner whose winters average just over 50 degree days, it is a very big deal. Temperatures were in the single digits with wind chill to the minus whatevers. Fortunately, our meeting was indoors and Minneapolitans (?) were smart enough to build their city with so many covered sky walks between buildings that you really didn't have to experience the cold.

But COME ON....we have offices in Las Vegas and LA. What the hell is wrong with meeting in a warm weather locale? Jeez.

Day One - Just kidding. This was a sales meeting run by operations, so if I gave you the daily blow by blow, you would never read my blog again. Let me just say I was pleased to have been able to stay awake during the hours of mind numbing power point presentations as dry as a 90 year old virgin's....and if I hear one more person say, "Let's take that discussion off line" I may become homicidal.

So the highlights included the way we were fed. That first night we had dinner at Fogo De Chao, an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse. If you love red meat, it was paradise. And I love red meat. Picanha, Alcatra, Costela, Fraldinha, Beef Ancho plus lamb, chicken and sausage. Man, I wish there was one on the west coast closer than LA.

I spend a little time on the road, but not as much as some sales people and usually not a week at a time, so I had time to rediscover what I like about extended living out of a hotel room. No having to put the toilet seat down. Someone else made my bed. No commute. Room service at the company's expense. No running out of hot water in the shower. No sharing a bathroom. No cooking or cleaning up dishes.

We also got the results an assessment of strengths and weaknesses test that was taken months before this little party. Of course, I came out as an analytically heartless bastard whose greatest desire is that you know nothing about me. Pretty spot on, I'd say. Mrs. MM took the test upon my return and she is completely the opposite of my result. She is a human being with feelings and creativity. How she stays with me, I have no idea. I'm just lucky, I guess.

Other highlights - Got to go to my first NHL hockey game in a corporate suite. Minnesota Wild versus the Detroit Red Wings. A 5 to 2 win by the Wild. I was rooting for Detroit. I tell you what, that is a fast and furious sport. I was impressed by these athletes and the pace of the game. If Portland had a real hockey team, I would go watch. My big disappointment - no fight. I think there might have been some kissing on the ice. Get with it boys. Hockey equals fighting. Let's have some animosity here. We also walked through a park in downtown St. Paul filled with beautiful ice sculptures. An amazing show of creativity and near frostbite.

So now I am back and am trying to catch up but the back log of blogs is hopeless. Guess I will just start over beginning today. I hope to get back to leaving my sterling and witty comments. I may even write a sentence or two.

Missed you and I'm glad I am back in from the cold.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Snowman 160

As the warm sun beat down,

the melting snowman

hoped for just

one more freeze,

one more cold, deep snowfall

so he could feel the soft touch of children's hands.

This Sunday 160 was written thanks to a training I went to this last week in Minneapolis. As a group, we were asked to write our thoughts when someone said snowman. We were given two minutes to write.

Most listed what made a snowman - Three rolled balls of snow, rocks for eyes and mouth and a carrot for a nose. Of course this was a bunch of sales people who have very little experience with creative writing, so I didn't expect much.

What can you do with only two minute and a one word topic. Sounds like a challenge for another day. What do you think?
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The Sunday 160 only uses 160 characters (including spaces)
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