Thursday, January 27, 2011

Endings - 55

In a daze he set down the phone,
took up pen and paper
then frantically began to write his list.
Knowing this day to day world
was about to end,
he searched his mind
for life’s projects left undone
and people who needed to know
the clock was ticking.
How would he say his good-byes?

Monkey Man is about to join the world
of the gainfully employed.
Details are being finalized and dates are being determined.
I know this will dramatically effect
my ability be stay in contact with the blog world.
I hope to find a suitable balance as I know many of you already do.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What the Hell Wednesday - Now THAT'S a Fan.

(For those who came here to read my One Shot follows this post.)

As many of you may know from some of my past posts, I am a huge football fan. But after reading this story, I have come to realize that I am a piker compared to some.

Man accused of break-in to watch football

DES MOINES, Iowa - A woman had to move out of her own home recently because a man allegedly moved in without permission. Ronta Rasheona Epps, 38, has a no-contact order against Freddrick Cleaven Little, 35, a resident of the YMCA downtown. She told police that despite the protective order, Little took up residence at her home to watch professional football playoffs on her television.

Epps said she had to move to a motel. She told officers Sunday that she had complained about Little staying at her house previously, but when police went to the door he refused to answer.

Officers again went Sunday night and saw Little through a window. When Little refused to answer the door, an officer opened it with a key Epps provided.

Little was found hiding in an upstairs bathroom. He was arrested on charges of third-degree burglary and violation of a no-contact order. Police said he is on probation for attempted burglary and now is being held without bond.

So I'm thinking at some point these two had some kind of relationship going, but I am putting that aside for now. I am trying to allow my imagination to do a bit of open field running with this one.

One fine Sunday down at the 'Y' Freddrick is watching his favorite NFL team when...BOOM!....the TV in the rec room gives up the ghost. Out of frustration Freddrick (let's call him Freddie) goes for a walk and passes by the window of one Ms. Epps. In the window he spies a very large television screen displaying the game he so desires to watch. Feeling sorry for the poor, cold fan Ms. Epps kindly lets Freddie in to warm up and watch the rest of the game.

The only problem is Freddie turns into the guest from Hell and just won't leave. It seems there is always more football on or Sportscenter or NFL Live or something else in the never ending stream of sports television. Ms. Epps, needing sleep and sanity, moves out of her own home and calls the cops.

I love how the cops peek in the window to catch Freddie eating chips, drinking beer there had to be beer involved and watching TV....still. They let themselves in with a key provided by Ms. Epps but still have to drag the guy out of the bathroom to get him out of the house.

What I want to know is, what exactly did the police say when they were at the door to make Freddie run to the bathroom. "Open up! It's the police. We're here to arrest you for excessive use of sports channels."

No matter. I am sure Freddie would be quite happy in the slammer were he could watch all the TV he wants. As opposed to being at the 'Y' where you flip on the TV to watch your game of the week, get only static and firmly pronounce to the world, "What the Hell?" Before heading out to mooch TV off some innocent victim.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 X 10 - A One Shot

Shoulders hunched,
back bent
under the weight
of seemingly endless hospital bills,
he stood with glazed eyes
staring without focus
at the nothing life had become.

His love of 43 years.

The house of love they built.

His happiness.

His energy to make a new life.

Now he stared at his past,
rolled down the door,
clicked the padlock closed
and walked away.

His life reduced to a five by ten storage space.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday 160 - Justice

The final decision will be revealed
in fourteen days.
No longer a battle of words,
eleven will decide.
If there’s to be justice,
it will be anyone but the Jets.

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