Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Life Part II - in 55

The cold bed of the truck
gave way to the early warmth of a Spring day.
The family bumped and bruised
out of the freezing mountain air
and dropped down
a long road next to the widest,
most beautiful river
she had ever seen.
Although it seemed near its end,
her journey was just beginning.

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This is part two in a series about my mother's travels by truck from Wyoming to Oregon. It is set in the early 1940's as her family seeks escape from the depression to find work in the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - I saw it first!

Times are tough right now and everyone wants a bargain. According to this excerpt from the Modesto Bee, some are downright ornery about getting what they want. Check out the gentlemanly interaction of these two bargain hunters.

Yard sale shopper clobbers another
with a cornbread pan in Sonora

Yard sale etiquette apparently went out the window Friday in Sonora after a 70-year-old man hit another man over the head with a cornbread pan while the two were trying to get access to the sale items.

Jon Joslin, 70, was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The victim, Joseph Brown, 64, suffered a head laceration but refused medical treatment at the scene, according to Sgt. Jeff Wilson, spokesman for the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Wilson, Joslin arrived early at the yard sale and was told he would not be allowed to buy anything until 8 a.m. because that was the advertised start time.

Brown arrived a little later, at 7:45 a.m., and apparently the two talked about how other yard sales operated differently, Wilson said.

At about 8 a.m., the two walked up a long driveway to the sale, with Brown walking ahead of Joslin.

Wilson said Joslin didn’t like this, and tried tripping Brown. Not knowing what was going on, Brown continued, and Joslin tried tripping Brown again, Wilson said.

Now aware of what was happening, Brown told Joslin to stop and an argument ensued. Brown pushed Joslin, and Joslin — who had the five-pound, cast-iron pan in his hand — hit Brown over the head with it, Wilson said.

Deputies arrived, and took Joslin into custody, Wilson said.

First of all, I love this writer and would love to give him or her full credit, but there was no byline. So, Thank you, whoever you are at the Modesto Bee for your wonderfully written article. I could tell you were biting your tongue and laughing as you wrote this. ("yard sale etiquette apparently went out the window" I love that line - very deadpan - pardon the pun.)

I just pictured these two yahoos hobbling up a long rutted, gravel drive to tables full of crap that no one really wants, but these two had to get. One guy kicking away at the feet of the fellow in front of him in order to get first take.....of what??? If you have been to a garage or yard sale you know what I mean. What is there to fight over? The cast iron cornbread pan? Happy Meal toys? A broken chair? A VCR?

But what really gets me is, Jon and Joe are all buddy-buddy when it comes to bitching about the people in charge of the yard sale for being strict on the start time. Then when the clock strikes eight it's every man for himself. These idiots are those annoying people who start knocking on your door an hour before the sale so they can have first go at anything of "value". If you've had a yard or garage sale, you know the type - parked out in front of you home, peering out of their car, drinking steaming cups of coffee, glancing anxiously at their watches and looking for the first sign of movement in your house.

Personally, I think they both got what the deserved. But I am quite sure when the pan hit Joe Brown's head he immediately thought to himself "What the Hell?"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Signs of Fall - One Shot

In a sea of green,
the vine maple cried
in streams of yellow and brown,
tarnishing lush surroundings.
Heat curled leaves
while the confusion
of an impending Fall
drained life from its extremities.
As all around the maple
bowed and curtsied breezily
in awe of this soothsayer,
the tree stood shuddering
at thought of another

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday 160 - Last to go?

Pushed to live out their lives
under the care of others,
they sat listening to a eulogy
for an old friend.
Gray and hunched,
each pondered,
would I be the last?

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