Thursday, August 12, 2010

55 is Child's Play

An exhausting blur of activity
with an energy level
seemingly beyond his comprehension
left him digging in his memory banks
for anything
that might have closely resembled
this nearly supernatural experience.
It was not the finely disciplined
and practiced play
of a professional sports team.
It was a two year old who discovered running.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - Considering quitting smoking?

There were a couple of beauties to chose from this week and I whittled it down to two - one where a woman beat her boyfriend bloody with a vacuum cleaner and this one....

Mountain Home, Idaho - Associated Press

Boy, 2, puts vehicle in gear, causes crash

Police in the southern Idaho town of Mountain Home said a 2-year-old boy left in a running vehicle got out of his car seat and put the vehicle in gear and crashed through the glass doors and full-length window wall of a business.

Police said the vehicle also had an infant inside but neither child was injured in the crash Friday that smashed the front of the Big Smoke shop.

Police said the children's 25-year-old mother left the vehicle running while she went into the shop to pick up some items.

Big Smoke Manager Garry Swatzel said he had installed the glass doors the day before.

Big Smoke. Wonder what she was buying?

What some people won't do to feed an addiction. Let's all say it together - Never, ever, ever, ever leave your children alone in a car - let alone a car with its engine running. Probably had the windows rolled up, too. No wonder the kid dropped the car into drive, he wanted to get close enough to his dumb ass mom to yell, "You forgot to leave a window open and it's hot in here." Or maybe he just wanted to get inside where it was air conditioned.

I also must comment on AP's ability to put together a run on sentence. Reread that opening paragraph again. Yes, it is just a stupid filler story, but how many 'ands' can you get into one sentence. I know, it's only three, but it was like listening to a five year old...and then...and then...and then.
As to the manager's comment. Is this a regular occurrence that someone drives through his front doors? "Why I just had them doors fixed yesterday from the last 2-year-old that drove through 'em. Wish they'd learn how to roll down windows."

So inside the store are the mom, manager and who knows who else saying in unison - "What the Hell?"

Bet you want to know about the vacuum cleaner beating don't you? Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our octogenarian - One Shot Wednesday

Shuffling forward,
hands firmly grasping her walker,
she turned
with that mischievous twinkle
in her eye and said
“I wish I could live to see my 80th birthday.”
She didn’t have the heart.
It stopped beating two days later.
Five months hence we celebrate
with our hearts
knowing she is free.
A soul alive.
Dreaming with us as we say
Happy birthday, Mom

My Mother passed away March 15, 2010.

Today I pay tribute on her 80th birthday - August 10, 2010.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday 160 - Confined

Awakened in the dark of night -
heart pounding -
he felt paralyzed.
Arms and legs bound.
He hated the confinement of a down mummy bag.

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