Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday 160 Surprise

An eerie quiet 
drifted through the hall 
and down the stairs. 
He crept round the corner 
to the kitchen 
and was startled by voices shrieking, 
“Happy Fathers Day.”

If you wish to take the Sunday 160 challenge, here are the rules:

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Words of Warning Prequel - 55

Knowing he was taking his life into his own hands,
he continued his task
and hoped SHE wouldn’t see.
He reached out
and carefully wedged the forbidden tool
between food and pan.

Suddenly, he felt a blade
pierce his back
and heard the voice say,
“I told you, no metal spatulas on my Calphalon pan.”

This story was inspired by the lovely and talented Pheromone Girl.
Read her "Words of Warning" 55 from last week for the immediate
part II of this story....if you don't remember it.

This is a Flash Fiction Friday 55
hosted by Mr. Knowitall.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What The Hell Wednesday - Cramped Crook

Every once in a while we will go to no length for a story. In this case no pun intended we travel all the way to Spain where thievery  gets verrrry creative and we love creativity here at the house of Monkey okay, I just made that last part up.

Contortionist thief caught hiding in suitcase on Spanish airport bus

A contortionist used his skills to steal valuables from travelers as they stowed their luggage in the undercarriage of an airport bus, but was eventually caught when his accomplice left him behind.

Flexible crook Krzysztof Grzegorz would hop into a suitcase and be placed underneath the Barcelona airport transfer bus by a friend who would purchase a one-way ticket.

While in the luggage hold Grzegorz would let himself out and steal items such as laptops and jewelery as the bus made an hour long journey from Girona airport to Barcelona city center.

Once they arrived the bag containing Grzegorz would be picked up and taken away without a fuss.

Shocked victims would constantly report missing items only after they had arrived at their hotel, but detectives were left scratching their heads as to how they went missing in such a short space of time.

The cunning pair were eventually busted when 29-year-old Grzegorz's partner in crime refused to pick up the suitcase and left him beneath the bus.

After police were called they opened up the suspicious case to find him clutching a device to break zippers, a mobile phone and a head light so he could see in the dark.

Oh my God! Don't you just love how many zees this guy has in his name? He is obviously NOT from Spain. Just a gut feeling, but definitely not from Spain. That must be why he finds it so easy to steal from them. Maybe he is still angry about something from the Inquisition. Surely someone with a sense of history will go off on me about that last statement.

So, one dude stuffs another guy into a suitcase and shoves him into the smelly, exhaust filled belly of a transit bus. Who has the better job here?

"Okay, Krzysztof, my friend, curl up in dees little box and I vill pick hue up in an howare. No an oxygen mask von't be neeted. Just fill up dees bag and hop back into dee suitcase. Really! I vill come and get hue." I have no idea what that was...but it is some sort of accent.

Sure! Honor among thieves.

Apparently Krzysztof's partner had determined he no longer wanted to share the loot. No splitsies. No halfsies. Not anymore. Someone had a plan and someone was a pawn. Imagine that.

But really. How did Krzysztof we will just call him Krazy Kz from here get OUT of the suitcase? did he get back IN? So Krazy Kz must be small or the suitcase it really big. Zipper tab on the inside? Hmmm.  Ya think.

Well, regardless, when Krazy Kz realized he wasn't going to be picked up - literally in every sense of the word - then got arrested. He must have said "Vat da Hell?"