Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pheromone 55

There was something in the air
that had him churning
with a passion he hadn’t felt in some time.
He reacted as if exposed
to a pheromone
that burned through to his very soul.
He found himself grabbing and groping
unable to get his fill.
Pushing away he muttered,
“God, I love fresh popped Popcorn.”


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Theme Thursday - Blue

Images of glory had filled his head when he signed on to be the boy turned into a man. He had no idea what was to come. They broke him down and built him again from the ground up. His loyalties were fierce. He would fight for country with his brothers.

He saw things to which no human should be subjected. Lives of friends snuffed out in an explosive pink cloud of violence. Wide, wild eyes of a stranger before lack of life turned stares blank as he maliciously stopped their time on this world. Shivers of fear as mortars whumped from distant tubes and exploded all around while bullets whined overhead and plowed the earth before him. He drove emotions so deep he might never recover them. His patriotic fantasies turned to dirty, hardened reality.

Once back home in the world, no one could understand how a survivor could feel. Why his heart ached. He was told to suck it up. Forget the past. Ignore and never speak of it to anyone. He tried burying his feelings deeper. Ignoring the night terrors, dreams of brutality and ghosts of his pain and suffering. But he wanted freedom, an escape. A way to silence the demons that haunted his head and his heart. He was good at killing and felt this would be no different. So joined his fallen comrades.

In the aftermath, a tearful mother was left to say, “We had no idea. We just thought he was blue.”

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - Marked Men

Is it Wednesday already? Boy, I bet you are all just giddy waiting to find out what other kind of stupidity lurks in the minds of everyday man. Well this one is a doozie. Even though it was dated last fall, I couldn't resist.

Police Nab Marked Men
Pair of alleged Iowa burglars opted for black Sharpie disguise

OCTOBER 28--Meet Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller. The Iowa men were arrested Friday night on attempted burglary charges after a 911 caller told cops that two hoodie-wearing males were trying to enter his apartment. During a subsequent traffic stop (McNelly, 23, and Miller, 20, were traveling in a 1994 Buick Roadmaster), Carroll Police Department officers collared the men, both of whom had their faces painted. Police Chief Jeff Cayler is unsure why McNelly and Miller, pictured in the below mug shots, opted for the Sharpie marker look, but surmised that they may have been trying to intimidate the apartment's occupant. Or perhaps ski masks are a bit pricey. - The Smoking Gun

I love The Smoking Gun's humor. The way I see it, not only were ski masks too pricey for these high class citizens, but I am sure they would have no idea how to access a pair of hose to pull over their heads. Yup, these boys might have had a bit of trouble getting a girl...even before the Sharpie tattoos.

Can you imagine the conversation?

Matthew: We'd best disguise ourselves. What we got, Joey?

Joey: There lotsa garbage in the back seat. Beer cans, empty cigarette packs, fast food wrappers and a Sharpie I stole. Hey! Pass that joint back here. You're bogarting.

Matthew: Sharpie? We could draw on scary masks and wash later. No one will ever know it was us.

Joey: That's genius.

Mrs. MM thinks they did each other. Clearly the dude on the right was always envious of the other guy's beard so he inks one on - but up to the eyes? And what's with the second layer of eyebrows? Is this some failed Clockwork Orange make-up?

The other guy....Pumpkin head envy?? Was he trying to draw Charlie Brown's shirt on his face? Why didn't he try to add a little more hair? I can imagine their stay in jail was quite 'playful'. They certainly garnered lots of respect from their fellow inmates, who probably took one look at these two and muttered, "What the Hell?"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday 160's First Aniversary

I wrote the very first Sunday 160 on June 28, 2009.
So, today being the 160's first anniversary,
I am posting the original (which had no comments) in its honor.

(Just for the sake of staying within the rules of the Sunday 160, the intro you just read was written with 160 characters including spaces - yes, I am that anal.)
The Original 160 -


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