Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look out Betty

She walks with
the confidence and grace
of a lioness on the hunt.

Owning all she surveys.
While the posture isn't new,
it's been missing for a long time.

It is like a breath
of fresh spring air
to see this tall,
statuesque figure
full of life
and sparkling with the brilliance
of the Milk Way.

Necks twist off bodies
as they turn for another look
after she walks by.

She doesn't care.
Their looks mean nothing.
Bouncing off her impervious aura.

Strong is too weak a word to describe her.

Some may think ice flows through her veins
as she moves forward knowing exactly where she is going
and how she will get there.

But only the privileged will ever know her warmth
and how she feels the emotions of others.
She is an empath in the truest form.

But that is only one small part of this complex beauty.
There is so much more to her
than what is seen by the average eye.
Brains enough to intimidate those
who think they are smarter than most.
Looks that draw sneers of jealousy
from other, weaker women
and leers from undeserving males.
Humor to make the sternest laugh.
Tenderness to melt the hardest of hearts.
The ability to love only seen
in the trust conveyed by a baby.

Just don't cross her. You only get one chance.

Now, she is back from an abyss of unappreciated darkness
and it is a wonderful sight to behold.
Watch out when she puts on her boots.
Taller, more elegant and awe inspiring than ever.

Betty Page would be proud
or maybe dismayed at the threat.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Always listening. Perhaps sometimes hearing.

Do we really hear what is said or do we hear what we want?

We must listen then ask if what is heard are the truths.


This is a Sunday 160. Take the challenge.