Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Monkey House

Welcome to my home. Let me take you on a tour.


Family Room

More Family Room

The Kitchen

Still the Kitchen

Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Monkey Boy's Room

Monkey Girl's Room

Security System


I hope you enjoyed this little tour.

If you are ever in my neck of the woods, stop by, we'll have a room for you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

55 into the cold cold ground

The old pickup truck quietly
pulled up the drive
of the isolated home
on the hill.
Two shadowy figures emerged
with shovels and an axe.
Carefully digging.
The hole had to be
precisely the right size.
Unloading a burlap covered form
they placed it tenderly in the earth.
Another tree successfully planted.
Earth Day.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Customer Service is Dead

Remember the days you would walk into a store, any store, and a smiling face greeted you in some fashion - "Good Morning." "Good Afternoon." "How are you today?" "How can we help you?" - or some other polite form of salutation? I know there are places out there where store personnel still employ this old fashioned method of customer contact, but they seem few and far between. Take my recent experience for example.

When search for something at our local variety store the other day, you know the one that has everything from groceries to gardening to automotive to clothing, (no not Wal#&*% but that ilk) I looked for a clerk to direct me so I didn't have to spend half an hour running up and down every aisle until the hidden jewel revealed itself. I swear to Goddess that clerks in this store are hired because they have customer radar that pings as we approach so they can run away and hide. "Excuse me, miss, but can you tell me where the (Ping! Ahh Ooo Gahh - customer approaching - DIVE! DIVE) is?" Gone. Dove under the pile of brightly colored, flower print pillows. Another potential sale and customer contact averted.

So that is how it goes at my store. Customer service is dead....or at least it is dying. It's no longer "How can I help you", but "Run away! Run away!" Like a Monty Python movie without the clippity clop of coconuts husks.

Now, mind you, there are stores you go into and the clerks/sales people are on you like stink on Detroit (I kid you Detroiters out there) and that is no doubt the difference between hourly rate employees and commissioned sales people. Some of the latter see you as dollar signs, not human beings. What I want to know is what ever happened to a smile, a nod, an acknowledgement and just a tad bit of help? Something in between an all out blitzkrieg and a French army retreat.

Are all retail employees anti social these days? Is customer service dead? All I want is to feel welcomed, get some occasional help and for someone to be just a little gracious that I have entered their place of business to spend my hard earned money. Treat me like I have feelings and real warm blood pumping through my veins. I'm a human being. We all like to be treated with respect and courtesy.

So, hey retail world, what do you say? Roll back the clock and try to smile the next time a customer approaches.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Webbed 160

Boredom packed each cubby hole
with indecision and apathy.
Cobwebs draped action
and activity - two old friends
who were played with daily.
Time to clean house.
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