Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dare I? - 55

With his mouse gliding over a pad 
in a series of furious click, 
he searched his archives 
for just the right file. 
It was a tricky assignment, 
but he knew he was up to the task. 
The only question that kept on repeating in his mind was – 
“Was it plagiarism to recycle his own 55?” 

No! This is not a recycled 55 
yanked from my archives 
because of lack of creativity. 
I do well enough on that front 
without reaching for some used bit of copy.
But I have to be honest. 
The thought crossed my mind. 
However, since I didn't act on it.
Well, that makes this fiction.

Just trying to follow the rules, G.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What The Hell Wednesday - Tater Tussle

Each and every one of us has had an argument or two with a loved one, but never, ever, ever have I heard of an argument like the one below escalating  into a situation involving police. Come on people. How about some basic conflict management here?

Spud Spat Spurs Mother-Daughter Skirmish

Port Clinton, OH - Sheriff's deputies went to the mother's West Harbor Road home Thursday morning, where a woman said she and her daughter got into a fight over cooking a potato for a family member, a deputy's report said.

The woman said her daughter spit in her face and punched her in the arm, and she suffered two "superficial" scratch marks that emergency crews treated at the scene.

The daughter told deputies her mother threatened her with a 9-inch scrub brush, so she had no choice but to grab her mom's arm to avoid being struck. A male relative in the home confirmed the mother "held the brush in a threatening manner," the report said.

The man told deputies the women kept arguing after the fight, so he went to bed. Deputies chose not to charge either woman.

Soooo, this happened in the morning, did it? Then why was this a fight about a potato and not an egg? Oh!?! You say it was like morning as in just after midnight morning? I am sure they were both quite sober. Then again, if you are trying to snack at that time, couldn't you find something a little easier to cook? Who gets the baked potato munchies anyway.

But back to my original statement. Why did someone bother to call in the police? They didn't even pull hair. It was a battle of well chewed finger nails and a 9-inch scrub brush....or should that be a DEADLY 9-inch scrub brush that witnesses say was being brandished in a "threatening manner". I don't know about you, but that sounds very scary. You've seen the damage a scrub brush can do to left over food....YIKES! Those things could clean you to the bone.

While this story makes for great WTHW fodder, I do believe our American police forces have better things to do with their time and REAL crimes to follow up on. I really would understand if these men in blue just walked away from the entire scene saying nothing more than "What the Hell?"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday 160 - Too Late Warm

Standing alone
gnarled and bent
in the freezing cold.
Wind cutting to the core.
Waiting for Spring’s
healthy green coat
that too late
would warm freezing limbs.


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