Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tribute to Galen - 55

Ever so meticulous in his work,
his mind focused on the tiniest details.
Working sinew, bone and flesh
until he knew all of mankind
would benefit from his loving labors.
An original.
The leader in his field.
Neither gaping sword wound
nor lion claw laceration
could deter him from his duties.

Galen: Father of Anatomy.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What The Hell Wednesday - He'd Stand Out In a Crowd

This week's What the Hell Wednesday offers up an excerpt from the Boston Globe making fun of a report from Harvard University. I guess when you are consistently referred to as one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, you may be scrutinized. So check this out.

Harvard puts out warning after robbery - Ooops!

Harvard University officials are warning students, faculty, and staff to be vigilant and take precautions, after an armed robbery early Thursday in historic Harvard Yard.

A male unaffiliated with the university was robbed at gunpoint by an unknown male as he walked through the yard near Thayer Hall, a freshman dormitory, about 2:45 a.m. Thursday, an advisory posted on the university police department’s website said.

The robber was described as a Hispanic man in his 20s, 55 feet 9 inches tall with a thin build, facial hair, and dark clothing, including a black baseball hat.

Well now. This fella shouldn't be too hard to find. Perhaps he is the long lost son of the 50' Woman. For those of you born after 1958, and there are many of you, check out this trailer.

If nothing else, you would think the guy wouldn't have to stoop (groan) to petty thievery and would be a sure thing on the Harvard basketball team. Assuming he could fit inside the gym.

Of course, there is always the chance the description was in error. But this is Harvard! They are too smart to make mistakes....riiiight!?! In any case, if it were a typo, I am sure they will have no trouble identifying the suspect - Hispanic, 5'9", facial hair...very unusual look for someone of Hispanic descent.

Regardless, if you ran into this guy near Thayer Hall on the Harvard campus, you would look up and up and up and say "What the Hell?"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winter Warnings - A One Shot

A soft focus enveloped the city
with the illusion of a gel covered lens.
A smoky shroud obscured structures,
leaving the tallest of lights hanging
as misty glowing orbs in the sky.
The cold steam released a shiver
to penetrate
even the most heavily bundled.
It was at once
a beautiful mystery to behold
and an ominous warning
of harsher days ahead.
While the distorted radiance
of a rainbow of lights
cast no shadow,
it was still an announcement
of winter’s looming imminence.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spinning Sunday 160

The world was spinning out of control.
Nausea was overwhelming.
How could it have come to this?
I’ll never let my children
talk me into tilt-a-whirl ride again.

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