Saturday, January 2, 2010

Love at first site

At first he just glanced.
Then caught himself staring at her curves.
The graceful way she moved.
He trembled with excitement.
He was seeing
his first Jaguar XJ.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

As I look back on 2009 it had all the ups and downs of an EKG after wind sprints. The lows sent me to the depths of depression and the highs kept me smiling like the Joker. In some respects I am very glad to see the passing of this last year and am ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of 2010.

I have never been a "Resolutions" guy. In fact, I think they are pretty ridiculous. I mean really. If you have to wait until a certain time of year to set goals you are limiting yourself. Personally, I think it should be a process of continuous review. Jeez, I am getting awfully serious here.

That being said, here is a short list of what I expect to be continually working on during 2010 and probably for the rest of my life.

Happiness - You can never have enough and I need to seek more ways to grab happiness by the throat and wring every ounce of it out that I can with my ever tightening grip. Hmmm better keep an eye on this one.

Empathy for others - Oooo boy. This is a big challenge for cynical me, whose base philosophy is "Too bad ignorance isn't painful". It also may conflict with item #1.

Love - Here is a little something you can never have too much of or give enough. I think I need to work a bit more on the giving part.

Moderation - I'm an all or nothing kind of guy. When I ran it was with obsession. When I switched to cycling it was so I could take on 100 mile rides. Drinking - we don't need to go there and don't any more. I need to embrace moderation and stay away from obsession.

Time with my family - Work has dominated my life from the time I was 14. Yes, I need to pay the bills, but I also need to blend my life with those most important to me (see items 3 and 4).

Listening - What? Okay, bad joke and every time someone says something about hearing or listening, some idiot always chimes in with a "What?", so I said it for you. Listening is hard for some of us. I am usually too busy thinking about my response to what someone says to fully concentrate on what is being said. Here is where I need help. The better I can listen, the better I believe I can stay on top of everthing listed before "Listening". Hear me?

Keep it light - I love humor, but I can be very serious and I can be extremely hard on myself. Not only do I have to keep it light on others, but I need to cut myself some slack.

Lose weight - Ha! Just kidding. No stupid resolutions for me - see item #4.

Stir it up - Sometimes I have a tendency to go with the flow too much. I need to stand up and question more often. Express my feelings instead of burying them. Allow a bit of anger even.

Expect abundance - No this doesn't go against item # 4. I'm not talking about over abundance, I'm talking about comfort and raising my level of expectation without being unrealistic. Wrap you heads around that one....pretty specific, eh? But if you ponder it, you'll understand.

A Happy 2010 to all of you and I hope your lists suit you well and are fulfilled. Thanks for your kind comments in 2009 and I relish the thought of more in 2010.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aaaaa It's Snowing

In Portland, any time it snows the city is sent into a panic and basically shuts down. We get so little snow during the course of the year that we don't have the huge fleets of equipment to clear and sand (we don't use salt on our roads). Frankly, the snow doesn't usually last long enough for that type of Herculean effort to be necessary.

So what we do is run away from work, jam the streets like a frozen parking lot and spin tires. Since I have been working (and I use the term lightly at this time of year) from home. I didn't have any place to drive to or from. I put a jacket on my big headed dog, grabbed my son and went for a walk through the falling snow. It was wonderful. Played like a kid one eighth my age (yes, I'm that old).

Mrs. Monkey Man, however, wasn't that lucky. While she only works three miles from home, traffic was a bitch and after for 45 minutes and progressing a mere mile and a half, parked her car and walked the rest of the way.

I met her halfway with a heavier coat and a warm hand to hold. Our walk home was delightful. There is a walking path in a green space near our neighborhood that was a winter wonderland. Snow still falling and creaking under our feet as we walked. It was peaceful and romantic. The stillness and quiet that comes with snow enhanced the whole experience.

Even though it was almost six o'clock in the evening when we got home, it was as bright as midday outside. It was quite surreal. We were greeted by a snowman at the bottom of our driveway that had been built by the neighbor kids. Check it out.

This morning the snowman is toppled and the snow is mainly slush, but I have a white birthday and that's pretty cool.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Race Brain

The stillness exploded
into the night magnifying sound.
Breathing thundered.
Subtle snores broke
in ear splitting waves.
Exhaustion knew no time
and cared little for rest.
Eyelids ground like rusty shutters
wanting to close but
refusing until the race
was complete
and the stillness renewed.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday 160 - Walk in my shoes

I tried on the shoes
but the fit wasn’t right.
Then tight.
No matter the walking distance,
it was only empathy touching
imagination that opened my mind.

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