Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday 160 - Walk in my shoes

I tried on the shoes
but the fit wasn’t right.
Then tight.
No matter the walking distance,
it was only empathy touching
imagination that opened my mind.

This is a Sunday 160.
Take the 160 Challenge if you dare.


Rosaria Williams said...

Ah, time to think with all our senses.

Brian Miller said...

wow. great 160! empathy touching imagination...i like it.

the walking man said...

Walking naked and barefoot, adds an interesting dimension to the journey.

sheila said...

Very nice! I enjoy these every week and finally decided to jump in.

Brian Miller said...

my 160 is now up!

Mike said...

Someone will need to explain it to me?

Felicitas said...

Awesome 160! "Empathy touching imagination" - a wonderful way to describe an attempt at understanding how another lives.

My 160 is up too!

Dianne said...

Very nice MM, I like it. I think poetry is about waking people up to have empathy outside their own realm, loose or tight.
Mine is up

Green-Eyed Momster said...

"empathy touching
imagination that opened my mind."

I love that!
Great 160. I'm going to try doing a 160 post one of these days.

Larry said...

I'm not sure if I was suppose to post a 160 about the shoes so I went with what I should by the picture posted.

Walk In My Shoes

listen for azure said...

One hundred and sixty characters. This seems oddly familiar...

Silver said...

My shoes sometimes don't feel like mine either. ;)


Claudya Martinez said...

Empathy tried to touch my imagination and I told it to keep its hands to itself.

The Peach Tart said...

Very nice writing.

PhilipH said...

Bootiful, just bootiful.

Dem boots was made for more than jest walkin' and that's the heart an' sole of the matter.

Cheers, Phil

Little Ms Blogger said...

I appreciate when someone can make a bold, powerful statement using few words.

You did just that with this one.

Cheryl Cato said...

Very fun Monkey Man. I found you through "What I should have said" & decided to take up the challenge of 160 characters.

Katherine said...

I love this Monkey Man. I am not 100% sure that I have understood it correctly but what I think is:
No one can judge another man/woman unless they have walked a mile in their shoes.
Or that we must all make our own path in life... one size does not fit all!
Thought provoking 160

Unknown said...

I love the last two lines , very much , MM!
The best 160 yet!
Happy Easter!
Mine is Endless Easter Blessings to All!

Anonymous said...

My Sunday 160,
Thank you for the time!

Sheri said...

ah, please don't tell me you aren't doing the sunday 160 anymore :( that's all i've thought of for days!! mine is up!