Thursday, August 26, 2010

A new life - 55

Rolled up in an old mattress for warmth
in the back of a 1930's Ford pickup,
three sisters said good-bye to Wyoming.
As they crossed snow covered mountains,
they remembered their dad saying,
“My brother said there’s work in the orchards of Oregon.”
What was an orchard?
Where was Oregon?
What would it look like?

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Back Story - It was right around 1940 when a family of five, one of which was my mother, took off on a journey of self preservation. My grandfather's brother had found work in the orchards of the Hood River Valley. It was the height of the depression and even the Texas oil fields that had kept my grandfather busy for years, no longer offered security. So, he and my grandmother packed up their three girls and drove off on a 800 mile trek from Gillette, Wyoming to the Orchards on the edge of the Columbia River. Mind you, this was no 800 mile ride on super highways. This was a grueling drive in an old clunker of a pick up truck. My mother and one of her sisters rolled up in a mattress in the back of the truck to stave off the cold of the Rocky Mountains in April, then the snow of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. None of them knowing exactly what to expect at the end of the journey. No home waiting for them. No hotels along the way. This was a hobo family's ride into the unknown. Only faith and hope to keep them on track.

If you like this tease, I will continue the story next week. First as a 55, then a bit more back story. It was a story my Mom shared with me during the last days of her life.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - I forgot what???

This week a small town outside of Buffalo, NY brings us yet another brilliant criminal activity. These excerpts where taken from a copyrighted Associated Press story. I credit them for their wonderful work in hopes that they don't go all litigious on my poor scrawny tail.

Eden, N.Y. (AP) (See - I give them full credit where credit is deserved) - Police said a robbery suspect had a dust mask around his neck but didn't pull it over his face when he walked into an Eden HSBC bank branch Wednesday afternoon.

The bank's surveillance video shows the man with his dust mask hanging from his neck, walking into the bank and handing a teller a note that police say demanded money.

While handing the note to the teller, the man answers his cell phone, grabs back the note and runs out of the bank.

Police speculate that the call came from the suspect's get-away driver, alerting him that he forgot to pull up his mask.

The suspect was not apprehended and remains at large.

Boy, they really planned this one out didn't they? Just forgot one minor detail. That's all. I just love trying to be a fly on the wall in these situations. Can't you just hear the conversation on that cell phone -

(Cell phone ring tone....probably something like "It's raining men")
Robber: Dude, I'm trying to rob this bank. What the eff do you want?

Get-away Driver: Uh, hey man, you forgot to pull up the mask. I can see your face and everything. Pull it up now and I'm sure they won't recognize you later.

Robber: Dude! Why didn't you tell me when I was getting out of the car?

Get-away Driver: I was too busy taking that last hit....

Don't' get me wrong, no one who has to resort to robbery of any kind to make a living can be accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer. To not pull up your mask before a robbery is one thing, but answering your cell phone during the robbery??? What a dope. I am still laughing.
It's only a matter of time before these geniuses get caught. They most likely went to a local bar and got into a huge argument in front of other people about who was the most stupid. I'd like to judge that contest.

Can't you just see the police as they reviewed the security tapes. Laughing and saying to each other, "What the Hell?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thirsty - One Shot

Blazing sun strikes the green leaves
draining them of life giving moisture.

Trees bow under the weight of the sultry heat,
begging for relief.

Life giving water usually falls from
the swollen gray clouds so missing from the skies.

Are we now in the tropics?

Has our planet begun another life changing turn on it's axis?

Is it just a hot week in a typical summer with unnecessary
worries brought on by a society driven by a media ever on the
watch for more ways to thrill and frighten the masses?

As we hurtle through space on this lively,
spinning ball of mud
is there a plan?

Is there a guiding hand?

Is it all as random as the landing zone of pebbles thrown skyward
and left to plunk in the dust of a rain parched terrain?

There is only one certainty -

It's too hot to think deeply today.

Hand me the hose and a lemonade.
The trees and I are thirsty.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Wishes - Sunday 160

Candles burned down
to the base of their wicks
as his wishes tried to include
all he had encountered.
So is his gracious outlook on life.
Happy birthday, Brian.

This Sunday 160 is dedicated to Brian Miller on his birthday.
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