Thursday, March 24, 2011

55 - Foreboding Future

A silence broadcast itself 
through the stunned onlookers. 
Never had they been witness 
to such a tragic circumstance. 
Men cried, 
women hid the dazed 
and innocent eyes 
and ears of their children. 
With the future now in question, 
all they could do 
was sadly stumble 
through their suddenly shaken lives. 
The NFL was on strike.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What The Hell Wednesday - You're Allowed One Call....

It was kind of a yawner of a week in looking for interesting stories about idiots. It was the usual stuff like "Woman Drives into DMV to Mail a Letter" or "Speeder Tells Deputy Dr. Phil Warned him of Alien Invasion" or "Urine Drinker Banned From Public Johns". So I settled on this one....

Man Calls 911 From Jail

Police in Sandusky, Ohio say a man arrested on a disorderly conduct charge called 911 from jail to complain he was being held against his will.

The man had been handcuffed to the door of his holding cell early Sunday because officers said he wouldn't calm down and they were afraid he would hurt himself or cause damage. He'd been arrested in a dispute outside a local bar.

Police took away the man's cell phone after the 911 call was placed and included in the charges against him a count of misuse of 911.

I also liked it because it is short just like my attention span. Several items grab my attention here. First, I want to yell at him "Dude! Of course you are being held against your will.....It's JAIL." When did anyone willingly go to jail? "Excuse me officer, but I was wondering if you could house me for the night? I have always been curious about going to jail and would love the tell of the experience."  Yeah. Right.

Then dude still has his cell phone. Were the police waiting for the TSA for stop by for a pat down? Dude was in a bar fight! Don't you think he might have more on him than his fists? Not that he wasn't sober. I mean all disputes outside local bars usually involve sober folks. Dude was probably there to make amends to someone and the whole deal went south. Just a simple misunderstanding.

As the police were adding the misuse of 911 to this list of charges and taking away dude's cell phone I am sure they looked at one another and said, "What the Hell?"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday 160 - Good Sweater / Bad Sweater

With an image of garish colors
glaring at him,
he wondered,
"Why aren’t we like our northern neighbors
where sweaters are hockey jerseys,
even if they’re pink?”

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