Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flash Fiction 55 - Hidden

Adrenaline shot through his body
and he ran faster than he ever imagined possible.
When he thought he was safely away,
he hid himself.
His heart pounding like a heavy bass drum,
he thought its very sound
might allow him to be discovered.
He waited patiently for the cry of surrender:

“Ally Ally Oxen Free”.


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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Shot Wednesday - Spirit Keeper

Shadows of branches swaying on my wall
What scared me as a child
is a spirit keeper today.
The trees, they speak in their windblown ebb and flow.
Tossing leaves at my window to get my attention.
Look at me, they say.
Hear me with your eyes
for that is how you will know me.
See my naked limbs not as death
but as life shed from which to rebuild anew.
Heed my steady acceptance.
Feel my willingness to bare my soul,
as I find growth after the shock of winter’s chill.


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What The Hell Wednesday - At least they're polite!

This was such a heart warming story, I couldn't pass it up. This little tidbit was compiled by our friends at the Associated Press. Many thanks for allowing me to paraphrase your story. I say this in hopes of preventing some type of ridiculous legal action.

Burglars leave 'Thank You' notes

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - Two suspects face charges after police said they left a note thanking the homeowners for the five grand worth of electronics gear and food they stole.

Fayetteville police spokesman Dan Grubb said the pair left a note on a white paper napkin saying a polite, "Thanks." Grubb said a second message etched into a wall Wednesday morning said the same thing adding: "We love the stuff we got."

Nineteen year olds Dajuan Marquis Avant and Darrell Sturdivant Jr. were arrested for breaking & entering, larceny and face other non-specified charges.

The homeowners told The Fayetteville Observer the stolen loot included a box of corn dogs, frozen chicken and beer.

Isn't that sweet. It must have been quite a relief to the homeowners to know their house had just been rifled through and turned upside down by two such polite and grateful gentlemen. If you have ever been robbed, you know a Thank You note doesn't make you feel better although I am sure that is exactly what these two kind boys were trying to do - make the homeowners feel better. No sarcasm, just sincerity.

I think what surprises me the most is the police actually found the note on a napkin. My experience is that these robberies are so commonplace that little effort is put in to finding the culprits. I think it is pretty cool they found these two aspiring writers and booked them. I wonder if they located them by Googling to see if they had a blog. Something like or some such creative blog name.

But what really cracks me up isn't that they stole beer. How unimaginative. It's that they took chicken and corn dogs from the freezer. I mean really. What a kind and caring act - removing those harmful foods and watching out for the homeowner's health. Good guys those bandits.

For all the politeness, there is still no doubt the homeowners opened their door, looked around at their personal stuff tossed about the house or just plain missing and said, "What the Hell?"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday 160 - Keeping Score

The competition had been intense.
With uniforms in disarray
all heads turned
toward the final score.
The only question -
did Snickers count more than Baby Ruth?


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