Friday, November 27, 2009


Knowing the battle
could be quite deadly,
she put on her body armor,
elbow pads, knee pads,
helmet and steel toed boots.
This wasn’t a rehearsal
or a scouting party,
this was the real deal.
She was prepared
for the worst,
as she knew others would be.
This year Black Friday would be her Bitch.

This is a Flash Fiction Friday 55.
If you want to know what the hell that means visit g-man.
The challenge is on.

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Shadow said...

i'm sad that we don't do thanksgiving, since the meaning behind it is so great. but i'm so so grateful we don't have black friday...

Brian Miller said...

ha. love it. i almost went the battle direction with mine as well. for sparta (and tickle me elmo)! sheer madness out there this morning i would bet. hope you had a great turkey day yesterday! great 55.

mine is up!

the walking man said...

This is black Friday for real? here I thought it was BUY NOTHING DAY? Hmmmm someones has a bogus calendar.

big Jenn said...

I do not understand what on earth people do black Friday for.Nobody needs anything bad enough for me to go through anything that even resembles that!Great 55.jeNN

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Doesn't Black Friday bring out the BEST in some people? Yikes! I slept in.


Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Janna said...

Yes... this is exactly why I am sitting home in my bathrobe right now.

If I listen closely, I can almost hear the manic screams from the Wal-Mart twelve miles away.


Monkey Man said...

Shadow - You aren't missing a thing with Black Friday. It's a good day to emmulate Janna - stay home in Jammies and robe.

Brian - That would have been a hoot. "For Sparta and Tickle me Elmo". Brilliant even in 6 words.

WM - It is do nothing day. Wait. It's screw around in the blogosphere day.

JeNN - Agreed.

Momster - I am sure everyone has at least one horror story about Black Friday.

Janna - Funny. I hear them too from a Mall about two miles from my home. I don't even want to drive today.

Susan at Stony River said...

ROFL!! I like this woman!!
--tell her to pick me up some wrapping paper and a HO scale station, because no WAY would I go out shopping during the Christmas season. No. Way.
Happy Friday 55!

Dr.John said...

I could have used some of that armour this morning.

anthonynorth said...

We don't experience Black Friday over here, but many days seem like that :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your battle tone here... so real though in the wee hours of Black Friday. Never again for me!!! Thanks for visiting my 55!

Monkey Man said...

Susan - Only the desparate shop today.

Doc J - Sorry to hear you were actually thrust into the foray.

Tony - Lucky you.

Unknown said...

From what I hear, that's what it'll take to come out alive.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can surely say I'm pleased to be away from the Black Friday madness ~ not missing a thing here in my peaceful neck of the woods. I personally haven't ventured out on BF for a long time ~ I'm with Big Jenn, what does one need so badly to be injured for it? Hope you survived!

Thanks for stopping by my place earlier.

Friday Flash 55 ~ Memoirs

Larry said...

Wow I heard the manic screams from the wal-mart twelve miles away but oh well I still not getting out of this comfy warm bed for nobody. love the war cry and look forward to reading you again. hope you had a great Turkey day and a thankful one at that.

Mine is up also you'll find the link below.Buggie Land

Monkey Man said...

Roxy - I would never go out on the day after, no matter what battle garb I could blend. Nope, not for me.

Alice - Exactly.

CK - Ahhh, the peace of a foreign country at this time of year. Away from the harsh commercialism. I survived because I am an objector.

Larry - Manic indeed. They are crazy.

Mike said...

Black Friday would be her Bitch!!!! LMAO!!!!

It is silly, isn't it!?

g-man said...

My brother and son went to a 5:00 am sale at 5:15am..
Quel Idiots!!

Excellent 55 MM..

Go Beavers.......G

Enchanted Oak said...

Fun 55! Daughter and I did Black Friday at Target and Lowes and JC Penney. Very mellow and lots of fun. Didn't need the knee pads at all.

Felicitas said...

It's always important to be well prepared! Or stay in and enjoy the chaos from the comfort of your couch with a glass of wine in hand!

Fandango said...

Well at least your ready. Great 55 and good luck.

inappropriatesue said...

What an awesome description. And hey...if you have to do Black Friday it is always wise to make it your bitch! Thanks for visiting mine :)

Unknown said...

I'm still very fond of the story your children tell of the infamous Black Friday at 6am when Sean was run over by a rabid, fat woman and he was between her and the donuts at Krogers.

That was a day to live in infamy. And WHEN do you shop? Hmmm?

Monkey Man said...

Otin - Glad you liked it. Keep coming back.

G-Man - I am still laughing thinking of those poor suckers a-hole to elbow with little old ladies fighting for cheap goods. Helluva picture. Yes - Go Beavs. Last time they were in the Rose Bowl was 1965 and they played (wait for it) Michigan and lost.

EO - You are braver then me. I think braver is the word.

Felicitas - Internet!!! Yes!!!

Fandango - Ready indeed.

Susan - I don't shop. Just ask Norm.

Hey Norm! Hungry Hungry Hippos, eh? You know me only too well "Norm".

Silver said...

So good to be catching up on your posts again. I read your last one on Shadow Man.. it is intriguing! Sense of mystery.. spooky too! Guess "some" have always been there before us and we shd learn to be accepting of their space/presence.

Love the black and white pictures too.


Claudya Martinez said...

I'm a peacenik. I never go shopping on Black Friday!

Anonymous said...

LOL...this is a good one. I despise her bitch at well...LOL..I don't venture out. Have a great weekend :)

Cameron said...

"she knew black friday would be her bitch" LOVE IT LOL!!!!!!!!
Cheers Monkey man!

Akelamalu said...

Oh she means business!! Great 55.