Sunday, November 29, 2009

Challenge is Good

The gauntlet was thrown down
and the antagonists stood by
ready for a battle.
The challenge was on
to see who could write
the most creative comment on the page.


This is a Sunday 160.
Take the 160 Challenge if you dare.

But better yet, Challenge yourself to post the best comment. There may even be a prize!


the walking man said...

Being a man used to war I rise to the challenge after picking up your gauntlet. Wrist now lays where the gauntlet was. Good that it happened to be the off hand.

Matty said...

What a twist of fate. In reaching his own goals of 160 characters, he challenges his readers to do the same. But therein lies the dilemma. Who is the winner?

Enchanted Oak said...

A mighty challenge for those who write
Was issued by the Monkey knight
He tossed his gauntlet on the grassy green
I take it up and write like hell to win my dream.

How's that for 160 characters?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

You okay? Loved your post but I'm a little worried about your comment. You're not worried about Christmas are you?
Great 160!
Take care!!

Brian Miller said...

challenge saw and met
you should not dare
for i fight dirty
poke, gouge, even pull hair
bite, scratch and kidney punch
in a pinch i'll even pull your underwear

if spaces count, i think i counted right, but ran out of fingers and toes...

Claudya Martinez said...

Competitive commenting on command? I concede.

Cameron said...

I'm a day late, and a clever comment short! Hope you had a great weekend monkey man!!!!!

Unknown said...

The gauntlet's been thrown
The challenge is met,
by this crafty moon women
who picks this battle well,
she scrabbles, she dabbles, she mixes her spell
on this monkey man.. she accept this 160 challenge, the best that she can!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the comments, although I haven't picked up that gauntlet yet :)

Nessa said...

I like your story but I can't think right now because i have a headache from being hit by a metal glove.

Name That Christmas Song

Little Ms Blogger said...

I throw down my gauntlet to write a creative comment, but wanted to tell you I loved this post.