Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday 160 - Pie to the Tenth Power

None could bake pumpkin pie 
the way she could. 
Rich, yet light. 
His mouth watered 
at the thought of it 
sliding down his throat 
like God dressed in silk pajamas.

If you want to play along with the Sunday 160. Here are the rules.

1. The Sunday 160 only uses EXACTLY 160 characters (including spaces).
2. Keep on schedule - post after 8:00 PM Pacific Time on Saturday.
3. Let me know you have posted via a comment on my site.
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Brian Miller said...

God in silk pajamas...i have to say i never thought of her that way before...and i like my pie with fruit in it...

i am locked and loaded with a 160 for the morning....

Cloudia said...

like a god in silk nutmeg pajamas!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

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< ° ) } } > <

Sharon Day said...

I'm sorry, MM. I guess I read it wrong because I was wondering why you have God go down your throat in silk PJs. I think I ate too much pie--not enough blood flow to the brain.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Sounds too calorific to me.

Here's mine: Liquorz-n-Artz

Sandra said...

That sounds delicious...and I don't even like pumpkin pie!
...sorry I've been MIA. Was getting through my nursing rotation. I am back to critique your work once again. It's ok, I'll be gentle, and come up with my usual: that was beautiful! I loved that! You should write a book! comments as needed.

Unknown said...

I'll take a slice of that and not even ask for ice cream on the side.

Mine is up

Cathy Feaster said...

I bet God loves silk pajamas...and funny thing, I was saying today that my mom's pumpkin pie tastes better than any other pumpkin pie I've tasted. (and my mom is a terrible cook/baker, but she can make an awesome pumpkin pie!)

Cathy Feaster said...

OH and I am gonna put up a 160 tomorrow-well, later today, I should say (-:

Evalinn said...

Yummie! :-)

I´m up today: Four Sundays before Christmas

Jinksy said...

As cooking was on your agenda, today I've added 160 characters at the bottom of my post! Hehehe!

ToBlog today said...

As good as it sounds, I must stay away from pie otherwise I may end up with more of this

Helen said...

Not bragging, but it sounds like my pie!

You can find me here:


Brian Miller said...

alright monkey, mine is now up

gautami tripathy said...

God loves Silk pajamas...This is so silky..!

here is my Sunday 160:


Monkey Man said...

This is Mrs. MM's pumpkin pie made from my grandmother's recipe. She is the only member of the family who has been able to resurrect it to perfection. The eggs whipped into the filling separate into a layer of tasty.

Cathy Feaster said...

Mine's up. Now off to work I go!

Enchanted Oak said...

Oh, my Lord. What a wonderful line! You took my breath away with that one, MM.
I'm late but here:
A very terse heroic poem

PattiKen said...

"like God in silk pajamas." What a wonderful phrase. Pumpkin pie - yum!

Maude Lynn said...

"God in silk pajamas." Oh, I love that!

steveroni said...

Monkey Man, I realize this is breaking all the rules. I posted another poem today, and don't have time to do this properly. So in a hurry I jotted down a '160'...which follows, inspired by your own 'tasty' 160--grin!

Why oh why
don't they bake
pumpkin pie
all year round

Won't rot
nor spoil
takes a minimum
of toil

And everyone
Mom, Pop, Sis and Bro
likes it
I have found

Brian Miller said...

nice..i like your 160 steve...i will say the fruit i referenced earlier is more cherry and berry pies...even peach...

Green Monkey said...

god and silk pj's ........things when put together, make me go hmmmmmmm

JANU said...

I like silk pyjamas...:-)

mine is here -