Thursday, September 15, 2011

55 - Second Time Around

Reaching back into history, 
he fumbled around 
looking for a lost soul 
no one might remember. 
This one? 
No, too depressing. 
This one? 
Too sappy. 
Then, feeling around 
the bottom of a pile 
of mixed emotions, 
old hard feelings 
and bad humor, 
he found it. 
An old 55 he was sure no one would remember.

I was so seriously considering going the lazy way and digging up an old 55 hoping no one would notice and you probably wouldn't that I drew from that inspiration to create this 55. However, I also couldn't resist this old number from two years ago. I hope you enjoy the replay.
55 - In Fear
September 17, 2009
It permeated the room.

Curling and twisting

as if it had a mind of its own,

leaving nothing

but destruction in its wake.

Children ran screaming.

Adults cringed in fear

as nausea overtook them.

Alone, I stood before the beast.

“Please,” I pleaded.

“Stop feeding the dog table scraps.

You know it makes him fart.”


This is a Flash Fiction Friday 55
hosted by Mr. Knowitall.
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Scarlet said...

Funny..ha..ha..I don't mind re-runs, I am new here.

Happy day ~

Margaret said...

Right... Blame it on the dog!

G-Man said...

Nice Daily Double KP....
Everything old is new again.
I've been tempted to do this many times.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

izzy said...

You brought me RIGHT to the finding of old hard lines at the bottom of the bag!! great thanks-

Unknown said...

*Flinch*. I didn't reuse my words, but I did reuse a couple of photos.

hedgewitch said...

First one is really good, MM--one of rhe best of yours I've read. I also liked your take on the excessive phone call person--(my husband spent many happy years of his childhood in The Dalles, and drug me there to see it once.)--just want you to know that 62 is way too old to be stalked--the chick is flipped out beyond the beyond. I wonder if she just auto-dialed him? Then I wonder, why didn't he get a new phone number?

PattiKen said...

I loved both of these. The second one because it's so cute. But the first? Awesomesauce.

Anonymous said...

I do remember that one! Love it and the new 55 inspired by the desire to recycle.


Mijayami said...

So glad you found some inspiration & came up with an original 55 for us :)

Brian Miller said... sure know how to clear a room...smiles. i do believe i remember that one...

The Bipolar Diva said...


MorningAJ said...

I love the dog!
(One of the security words that came up on someone's blog yesterday was 'farti'. I didn't stop laughing for ages.)

Drizel said...

hahahaha, the second one I did not see the end coming good show monkey man:)

Daydreamer said...

My dog always sits on the couch beside me. When he gets wind and farts, and stinks the place out, he sometimes, stands up, looks at me, twirls and curls right on back up again whilst we are being gassed. He plays the innocent. LOL
This is so funny because it's so TRUE!
Gave me a good giggle, thank you :)

Pheromone Girl said...

Awww, I get to see my pooch today. YAY. Nice rerun!

Monkey Man said...

I just love that guilty look on his big dumb face. He is our special boy.

lime said...

love how you got an original one out of thin air and love the humor of the one describing "thick" air. ;)

Maude Lynn said...

Both of these are excellent!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

enjoyed the old one very much.

the 2nd one is funny, thanks for the weekend tickling.

Mona said...

Some deserve re- runs :D

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, very glad you included to oldie. but goodie ~

Lydia said...

First, I am impressed that you have been doing 55s since 2009!

Second, I would have been happy with just the poem announcing the rerun. I thought it was terrific.

Third, I was glad that you wrote a new post in order to rerun the older 55 because it was simply marvy, made me laugh and cringe (because our Standard Poodle is guilty of the same...ahem, problem).

Cha Cha said...

Wow, the words that trying to find an old 55 inspired are truly great. As I was reading it, I felt as though the narrator was looking through his/her soul to old versions of the self. I guess, when I look back at all of my 55s, I see old versions of me. I always see the place I was at in life in my words.

Anonymous said...

new one ~ fabulous!

old one ~ hilarious!

thank you for posting both.
dani ♥

King of New York Hacks said...

Cool words, supercool dog...was a first for me !!

Everyday Goddess said...

so doesn't that make it a Sunday 320 now?


Olivia said...

Mega lolss!
Loved the "old" one too.. absolutely spell- binding!