Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What The Hell Wednesday - "Hello, 911? My Butt Calling."

I really wanted to write this WTH on a Hispanic man who was wrongfully arrested for DUII and possession of 91 pounds of cocaine but the story was way too long and involved and as we all know, Monkey Man has no patience for that.

"But wait, Monkey! You can't tease us with a story about a wrongful arrest and just leave!"

Maybe I can.

But I won't.

Hispanic man had been driving cross country for 3 days to visit his sister. Woozy and exhausted from the drive, he was arrested because the police thought he was drunk. They were later proven wrong.

As to the 91 pounds of nose candy....well that turned out to be shrimp, cheese and tamale dough he was bringing to his sister as a gift. I sure understand that one. I often buy shrimp, cheese and tamale dough at the local store thinking it is coke. Jeez guys! Stop with the profiling.

Okay on to the real story.....

Cell Phone Butt Dials 911

LAY, N.Y. - An inadvertent 911 call led police to three larceny suspects overheard planning break-ins in upstate New York.

Onondaga County Sheriff said police, already looking for a suspicious person, got the unlikely assist when one of the men "pocket dialed" his cell phone's emergency number while driving near the scene of an earlier heist.

As a dispatcher relayed the conversation to deputies, the men discussed their plans, described their surroundings and even commented, "there go the cops now."

Walsh says that was enough for a deputy to turn around and stop the Kia Sportage full of tools stolen from a business in the Syracuse suburb of Clay. The dispatcher then heard the driver being asked for his license and registration.

The men arrested face grand larceny and stolen property charges.

First, a Kia Sportage??? What kind of self respecting criminals were these guys? Shouldn't they have been in a beat up 1986 El Camino or something? Serves them right for getting caught and put in the pokey. The police could have pulled them over for bad taste in cars alone AND without the help of the Butt Dial.

The Butt Dial. Ah, yes, the butt dial. Was this the hand of God at work? Nah, I prefer to think it was just Karma. These boys were going to get caught anyway, so they might as well have had a cell phone as an informant. I love how they thought they were so smart IDing the cops as they passed on the street. 

"Hey! There go the cops. They'll never catch us. We is much too smart fer them." 

Yup. Smart ass. Quit teaching your butt to use the phone and you won't get caught, dummy. I just love technology. Can't you see the expressions on the faces of these idiots as they were cuffed and place in a squad car. I am sure the owner of the cell phone, once told how the police located him, simply looked at his phone and said "What the Hell?"


The Bipolar Diva said...

cheese, shrimp and tamale dough? WTH?

I'm with you on the El Camino. A Sportage? Really? Did they plan on pedaling away?

Brian Miller said...

haha...ok i want some of the dough, but seriously the cops might have been hitting the sauce before quitting time...lol.

the butt dialer...funny enough this happened on a custody case i was working...which came to a wonderful end when the mom recorded it once she heard what was going on....

Sharon Day said...

We need to think of a new term for this technology behavior...hmm... Gluteus communicato?

Cloudia said...

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Julie Ferguson said...

Ha ha, I have been pocket and butt dialed before. It is frustrating when they are not aware of it and you are screaming to get them to hang up.

Pat Hatt said...

Yes butt dialing is pretty common, although it's quite funny sometimes what you hear on the other end, thanks to the other end..haha

Shanae Branham said...

Fun post, Monkey man. Thanks for sharing. I think that's hilarious that his butt got him caught. Life is stranger than fiction sometimes!

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Janna said...

Wow! How exciting! All my butt ever does is dial for pizza delivery.

I've tried to explain to it that nobody delivers out here in the middle of nowhere, but it never listens.

Thanks for visiting my Friday 55, even though G-Man cancelled the event for this week. (Sigh!)

If anyone else wants to visit, it's here. :)

Janna said...

Ooops... didn't mean to copy/paste the 55 link twice. Sorry about the shameless self-promotion.

Well, almost sorry.

Sort of.