Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday 160 - Mother's Day Wishes

It's a travesty. 
It's blasphemy. 
It's wrong. 
We hold this celebration 
once a year. 
When it should be everyday 
for those held dear. 
Happy Mother’s Day. 


Please pardon me if I don't visit your Sunday 160 right away. 
It is Mother's Day after all and my attention will be in its proper place - 
on the mother of my children.

If you wish to take the Sunday 160 challenge, here are the rules:

1. The Sunday 160 only uses EXACTLY 160 characters (including spaces).
2. Keep on schedule - post after 8:00 PM Pacific Time on Saturday.
3. Let me know you have posted via a comment on my site.
(Be sure to mention you have posted a 160. Provide a link if you can)
4. Visit at least one other Sunday 160 writer.


Brian Miller said...

yes it is..moms mean so much to their children and loved ones...happy mothers day to the monkey house...

and i am up...mother

Cloudia said...

your monkey heart is in the right place!

Saturday evening Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




Katherine Krige said...

You are a dear Monkey. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas in your life.

Unknown said...

Here goes my entry for the Sunday 160:

Enjoy your Sunday :)

Olivia said...

That's a nice cartoon!

Olivia said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms.. :)
MM, wishing you a very nice weekend!


Sharon Day said...

I have no doubt she knows every day of the year that she is the best mother of all time. Have a fun one and don't forget to tell her she's beautiful. We can never get enough of that.

Unknown said...

Mother's Day? Can't believe i forgot about it.

Mine is up

Tabor said...

Nicely done...for all the moms.

Anonymous said...

great poem. really enjoyed it. was inspired to write a 160 too. :)
it can be found here: ""

MorningAJ said...

Good man. Mother's Day in the UK is earlier in the year so it seems quite odd to read all my US blog friends' maternal thoughts. Have a good day!

G-Man said...

Superwoman indeed!!
Loved your 160
I played today...G

Ixy said...

"It is Mother's Day after all and my attention will be in its proper place -
on the mother of my children."

Love it!! She is a lucky lady.

moondustwriter said...

I knew I was missing an important element - its the cape!!!

Thanks MM
and enjoy the day with your family

Happy MothersDay

anthonynorth said...

I thought I'd have a go. You'll find mine here.

Maude Lynn said...

That cartoon is awesome!

Me said...

I agree, that is a great cartoon! Love a man who celebrates the mother of his children, today and every day. Good for you, MM!

I'm in this week. Mine is Here.

Dr. Heckle said...

Brown noser!

Julie Ferguson said...

Amen... speaking as a mother.

Matty said...

They do so much every day, that one day a year isn't enough.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

It should be celebrated every day, agree.

divine message on mothers.
bless those in your family.

My Sunday 160

Claim any awards there!

Pheromone Girl said...

I think it's cute that you didn't write all day, and then did so grudgingly (you id, didn't you???)

I played, albeit late.

160 Beginnings

Anonymous said...

Bravo and thank you for your lovely Mother's Day message, Monkey Man.

Here's mine today:

Deborah said...

Just right as always ... wonderful!

Sandra said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout...cake and presents more than once a year...well, twice, I do get cake on my birthday, and one year I do remember getting a present i asked for...wait, I'm making this about me again, aren't I?...
Well, this was fabulous and the cartoon captured my fabulosity perfectly...wait, I'm making this about me again aren't I?