Monday, May 17, 2010

Why Monkey Man.

Early on in my blogging life I wrote a story on the origins of the name Monkey Man. It was posted when I had only a few followers, so I thought it was time to dig into the archives and re-post an edited version of that story initially titled -

Monkey Madness

My home is what some might call Monkey Central. It began a number of years ago with the acquisition of a single long armed, stuffed creature named Rabies and has grown exponentially since then.

Rabies was the official "protector" and office distraction my wife carried with her almost daily. She had an insufferable boss and Rabies was worn on her belt like a protective talisman...and it worked. She felt safe when Rabies was close at hand.

We all know what happens when word gets out that you like a certain something. People give you more or you collect more. For us the troop has grown substantially with each new individual being christened with a proper disease or otherwise slightly twisted name. Syphilis, Asthma, Cleft, Smock, Loops and Max to name a few. This is just how we are working to keep it light as a family.

This monkey fetish has become a wonderful source of fun and we are extending those distractions into other areas of our lives. One night featured Monkey Night Out. We had dinner at a neighborhood pizza restaurant and each of us took the monkey of our choice. Okay, so it was just a tad bit too out there for our teenage son, but at least he did agree to having an imaginary monkey with him.

One of the newest members of our troop was a fun little monkey puppet named Smock. He is quite interactive and expressive. Smock drove us to our destination and entertained a sweet yet shy toddler at the table next to us - much to the dismay of her mother who really didn't appear to appreciate the fun and kindness we were extending as a family. To each his own. It is where your heart is that is important.

We had brief puppet shows. Magnetic monkey feet stealing silverware. Pictures, texting and lots of smiles and giggling. My daughter loves the playfulness and I think my son was entertained, but in true teenage boy fashion, was above it all. Heaven forbid we bring attention to ourselves.
We had many stares or glances from the tables around us. Mainly from the solemn ones where conversation was sparse and expressions were stern. Lighten up people. Life it too short to be so glum.

But that night really wasn't really about monkeys. It was about family time and developing the strongest cheek muscles we possibly could.
# # #
So with the proliferation of monkeys at our residence (as is evidenced by the monkey diorama shown above that the kids and I created in our home for Mrs. MM), I felt it only fitting to name my blog Monkey Man. That and I am probably genetically closer to ape than man.


One Prayer Girl said...

Inquiring minds (like mine own) wanted to know. You satisfied my curiosity.

Thanks and it all sounds neat. I am way too serious.


Me said...

I just accepted "Monkey Man" as no different than anybody else's blog name. Why Monkey Man? Why not? :)

But...I *love* this story. You and your family must be more fun than, well, a barrel of monkeys? ;)

Seriously, though - that kind of family mythology will live FOREVER and be fondly remembered by your kids for the rest of their lives. Yep, even the teenager.

Thanks for sharing, MM. That made me smile.

Brian Miller said...

ha. love it...and having a monkey night out...i can just see it. smiles.

The Bipolar Diva said...

Very cool!

You are so right. People need to lighten up and have a little fun.

Your son will be telling stories about the fun he had while the parental units embarrassed him. They love it, they'll just never tell you that.

You guys sound great!

Felicitas said...

That's a terrific story, MM! (I actually had wondered where your name came from.) And it's especially nice because it's a family thing.

Now when you refer to Mrs. MM, I won't just think of her with that name because she's your missus, but because she's also a true fan of the little critters!

Caty said...

I was a collector of monkeys when I was young, but then everyone started giving me apes and gorillas, not the chimpanzees that I liked. I guess they were all "monkey". I've grown out of the collection of stuffed animals, but I still have a soft spot for monkeys. probably why I was drawn to your blog-glad I was, too!! thanks for sharing your story, MM

Rosaria Williams said...

You have left so very vivid memories for your children. The blog now makes sense.

Evalinn said...

That´s a nice story!

Dianne said...

"nice" is no where near the fun that monkey-world entails.....(pun intended)

My grinning cheeks are cramping at the scene.

I am glad you enjoy my writing, as I am enthralled with your creative knuckle dragging....
Keep writing, as I will in the redundancy of the circle of life.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

You have a Blog Challenge! Check out my website.

Tabor said...

Interesting...except you do know that apes are different than monkeys...;-) But I guess a stuffed ape would be a little weird to carry to dinner.

Katherine said...

I love where you got your name from "Monkey Man"...what a FUN family you have!
So on your Monkey night out you took with you little toys monkeys, puppets & had some hi-jinks that cause people to look down their noses at you...Good On You!
Can you imagine the looks you would have got if you had gone dressed as monkeys, ate like monkeys, preened each-other like monkeys...Oh my...I would pay to see that!!!

Unknown said...

I love the name and your reason...
for all we know...we are all related somehow..and it is indeed a humbling pleasure to know you.

hugs to your family and for sharing with us...

the walking man said...

Cows...for 25 years it was cows. Then the methane expulsions drove us from the house. we ate them one by one...Beef, it is real food.

Mona said...

That is such a cool story!

In India you would not need to carry imaginary monkeys. There are so many in every nook & corner. Monkey God ( Hanuman) is worshiped here!

Deb said...

Ah! See, I never knew this tidbit about you! Funny, because we used to have this restaurant down the street called, "The Velvet Monkey", and there were sculptures of monkeys everywhere. You would have loved it, and of course, would have felt "safe". ;)

Dr. Heckle said...

"Fetish" huh? hmmm, interesting! hehe :P

moondustwriter said...

I'm thinking you have some vines for transportation as well.

Thanks for the view into MM

Marla said...

Love it! Are you sure we aren't related?