Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Theme Thursday - Pets

Dropped off
Gotten rid of
Given away
Tossed aside
Disposed of

Sent to the pound
The shelter
Dumped in a field near a farm
At a park

Living creatures treated like so much refuse
Even reptiles

Bought to make a child happy
To fix an ailing relationship
Because the are so cute
Because I have always wanted one

Then discarded because they are
Out of control
No longer cute
Too loud
Too big
Too expensive

Pets are a responsibility requiring

And they give in return
and, yes, given an opportunity, they train us


Animals deserve a chance
and sometimes a second chance

Meet Ezmond


Support your local shelter.


The Bipolar Diva said...

Sad but true :(

Katherine said...

Your words Monkey are sadly true a lot of the time.. A great post!

Paul C said...

Empowering poem. Well done.

C.M. Jackson said...

great message and great dawg--esmond is beautiful

Brian Miller said...

a great message monkey...i hate to see animals that are hurt or abused...should never happen.

Caty said...

Pets do deserve second chances...great poem and a great representation for all those unloved pets out there!

Me said...

Too true...

Felicitas said...

Thank you for this wonderful post! All animals are precious, and they add such incredible value when we bring them into our lives. They deserve far better treatment than many grant them.

Ezmond is gorgeous! That he is well loved and cared for is obvious.

Kris McCracken said...

Poor old pets.

Unknown said...

Ezmond is handsome indeed. I have three rescued pugs from sad and horrid circumstances...I also have a rabbit...they are amazing to my life and the gifts they give are so many more than I can give them...
thank you!!!

moondustwriter said...

I agree - they are not a toy but a friend to care for.

meet my friend here

Enchanted Oak said...

Is Ezmond your dog? He's a handsome fella. If I posted a full frontal of my beagle crew, the spca might be after us because they are so sadly fat. Yours is a fine message, Monkey Man. I'm somewhat surprised there was no monkey on your post today.

00dozo said...

Great post!

Deb said...

Oh this tugs at my heart. My sisters all spend tons and tons of money getting purebreds from breeders when there are so many animals that need good homes... I never understood why people wouldn't go this route instead? A rescue pup or even for an older dog---doesn't matter. Although I am highly allergic to most animals, this tugs at my heart and I wish I could take one of these cuties into my home.

Hi Ezmond!!! :) He's beautiful!!!

Tammy Brierly said...

Written with heart. Thank you!

Monkey Man said...

Pets shouldn't be an "impulse buy". We should do our research, discuss the consequences of being a responsible pet owner and make a thoughtful decision. But there I am, assuming that most people have forethought and intellegence.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful poem with an equally beautiful message.

Unknown said...

You tell 'em, Monkey Man.

Marla said...

Brilliant, Monkey. "Dumped in a field near a farm" explains why year after year we end up with cats and dogs too numerous to count. After spaying/neutering, vaccinating and fattening, we find them homes only to repeat the process again and again. It's maddening.

Evalinn said...

Really well written, and thanks for introducing your friend. I think that´s what I´ll do one day, get in touch with a shelter.