Sunday, December 13, 2009

A chilling tale.

Arctic Storm watch
is all over the media.
A cold front like no other.
Icy cold moves down
from Norway and
is likely to
permanently settle
in Jupiter Island, FL.

This is a Sunday 160.
Take the 160 Challenge if you dare.


the walking man said...

As long as it's cold, bitterly cold, it keeps the plain bitter inside and off the streets. I prefer the cold these days.

Anonymous said...

I understand the it is in fact quite chilly in Florida ~ I'm hoping for sunshine days while I'm there to escape the near freezing temperatures I've been having here. My blood has thinned too much!

I have participated this week. Here is my first effort for you to peruse:

160 Challenge ~ Homecoming

Dianne said...

We had an exceptional once in a lifetime day like that on the 9th, last week.
160 is up, thanks for the computer tips, I run around with a piece of paper and pen most of the day, but this one whipped right out.

Brian Miller said...

while it is cold, i sure wish it brings something white...i am in again this week, just going to be a little late. will put it up around 1 pm EST after we get mom out of the hospital and home.

Shadow said...

be sure to keep the fire going and the hot chocolate at hand...

Monkey Man said...

Here I am trying to be funny and it falls flat on its face. Tiger Woods wife is from Norway and the family home is on Jupiter Island. Vailed reference to the "incident" and speculated results. A bit obtuse, I guess.

Matty said...

It's cold in very unlikely places around the country. Very odd.

Brian Miller said...

lol. thanks for explaining the joke mankey man...sorry, guess i am a bit dense. lol. mine is finally up!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I predict that it (she) will be cold for a long time. At least Tiger probably has fond memories of getting laid.
Great post!

Larry said...

I was begining to think I wasn't going to make it here today. But I finally made it. Looks like the group is getting bigger I think that is Great monkey man should like that. I'm up just follow the link below.

Fish On

Felicitas said...

Burrrr! Hope not... one day I hope to retire from the cold!

I like you 160 idea. I'll attempt my first one next week.

Nessa said...

I saw on the news where it was like a freezing 68 degrees down there. Poor Monkey Man. Love the drama of your 160.


Cameron said...

It really has been damn cold up here in the Big Apple!!! your 68 degrees sounds like a vacation :) :)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I was hit by this storm and then another. I feel permanently settled inside a deep freeze. :::;brrrrrr::::

Nothing like them saying we will get 1-3 and wake up to find a foot!

Well done my friend,