Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pets and Peeves

There are a number of blogs I have read that go under such titles as Cheers & Jeers or Rants & Raves and I have truly enjoyed reading them (thanks Green Eyed Momster who credits Little Ms. Blogger who I am ashamed to say I have only recently visited). That was run on. I have also been tempted to join the fray, but have this ego that just won't allow me to write without originality in concept.

Well, ego be damned. I keep seeing things that fall into these love it or leave it categories and are great fodder for a rant or a rave, a cheer or a jeer and in my case, because I want to be different, a Pet or a Peeve. I am not following the Rant and Rave Wednesday format that is short and concise due to the fact that my opinions are bloated and I like to hear myself go on and on.

So Here are a few of my Pets and Peeves.

Pet - Family Game Night. No particular night. Just whenever we feel like it, we bring out Cranium, Pictionary, Wise and Otherwise or Pretty Pretty Princess. You should see us in plastic crown, earrings and necklace.

Peeve - Ridiculous redundancies people say all the time. Like past history - as opposed to future history; reduce down (duh!); and also (I've seen this in newspapers and heard it on radio....come on); and UPC code - UPC stands for Universal Product Code so you are saying Universal Product Code Code - I hate that.

Pet - Card stores. I love buying cards. We have a local card shop with cards I can't find anywhere else. Cards that say things like, "You're a fucking Rock Star" and "Sorry I was such a dick" and "I just fucking love you." I stocked up on the Sorry card - I really can be a dick.

Peeve - Our landlord, who is actually a developer. Perhaps I should refer to him as the developer posing as a landlord. He calls up one day and tells Mrs. MM "Just wanted to let you know I have decided to put the house you have spent hours painting and making livable up for sale. You don't mind if I interrupt your family's life by running realtors and tire kicking potential buyers through your house at a moments notice, do you?" We polished this turd of a house for him to the point that it has charm and is presentable - inside and out. Afterall, we live in it. So this is what we get in return. Mr. Developerlandlord is now and forever known as Chicken Fucker.

Pet - The Blogosphere. I admit I am hooked. I have been pulled in by creative writing and the way you all really care and show it. You are a great bunch and I have been adding so many blogs to follow that it is becoming difficult to stay on top of it. I need to remind myself that family and job come first and you are just a fun addition. I have come to love and appreciate you all.

Peeve - Ignorance. I once had a bumper sticker that read - Too bad ignorance isn't painful. I still feel that way.

Pet - Giving recognition to people in Blogland. I recently passed on an award to a few bloggers. But I didn't include my favorite blog - Pheromone Girl Grows Up. This is one of the most talented writers I have ever been exposed to. She sucks you into her stories and leaves you begging for more. Be sure to stop by and go to some of the older posts from her blog as Pheromone Girl. I hope she writes a book someday. I will be the first in line to buy it. I love her.

Pet - October 9. My anniversary with Mrs. Monkey Man. We will spend this weekend away from the Internet and in loving bliss.

So there you have it - Pets and Peeves. Don't know if this will be a regular post for me, but it will definitely be part of the notes I keep in the Moleskine Mrs. MM gave to me. (She is so awesome and thoughtful.)


Little Ms Blogger said...

So, you're a lurker who likes originality?

I liked this post and never gave much thought to reduce down or UPC code. Now I will. And it will probably drive me nuts.

If you ever change your mind and want to follow the fold on Wednesdays, please do. I swear, I won't have you stand on the corner or at airports and sell flowers.

Tracie said...

Now I'm all embarrassed because I always say UPC code. I never thought about it before. As for Family Game Night, I love the idea but it does not happen in our house. My kids refuse to play games together. I have forced this on everyone a few times and it never turns out well. (I have learned from Past History - ha.)

Nessa said...

We share some of these. Happy anniversary. Enjoy your blogless bliss.

Matty said...

Game night......we play some of those same games, and yes, been there and done that with Pretty Pretty Princess.

UPC Code is like VIN number ( from your car ). You are actually saying Vehicle Identification Number Number.

How about that, another guy who likes to look at cards. I don't feel so bad now.

The landlord? I'll keep my opinion to myself.

Aren't we all hooked on blogging? I know how you feel. It's really very time consuming trying to keep up.

Thanks for the tip on Pheromone Girl. I'm on her list.

Happy Anniversary friend. Enjoy.

Monkey Man said...

LMB - Lurker....hmmmm. Better than a stalker.

kyslp - Make them have fun or else.

Nessa - Thank you for your kind thoughts

Matty - Hey, life is good. Thanks for the anniversary wishes and for going to Pheromone Girl's blog. She is awesome.

the walking man said...

Uhhh dude want to bring the family to the D...I have this house and well....

Susan at Stony River said...

I *loved* these! So sorry to hear about the house however. I can't stand developers who think they're also great landlords/handymen/innkeepers when so often they're NOT. Ugh, we had a bad experience with that last spring.

Fun list!

listen for azure said...

I'm honored. Hey, are you trying to get on my good side so I'll pick you as pirate king?

Monkey Man said...

WM - Looking for help fixing up the ol' homestead? Any time, my friend. It would be a pleasure.

Susan - We should share stories some time. Our last two have been horrendous.

Ph-girl - You should see me with an eye patch and black skull and cross bones bandana.