Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Need For a 55

That feeling was coming on again.
sense of
The longing. It
had been a long time
since my last fix and
I was shaking. Starting
to feel the intensity of
withdrawal. I knew now
that relief was only
a push away. I
pressed. The
With relief, football season has started.

This is a Flash Fiction Friday 55.

If you want to know what the hell that means visit g-man. The challenge is on.

Or Try my Sunday 160.


listen for azure said...

I'm so ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

g-man said...

Yep...I just finished watching Pittsburg win in OT.
I'm with you on this 55 MM..
There is nothing better!!!
Thanks for playing Monkey Man, and don't OD on Sunday.....G

clean and crazy said...

awesome, it has been a loong time since I watched football, my team was and still is the 49ers, i know they were like 7-9 last season, but i am hopefull, they finally got rid of garcia!! great 55 mine is up too

Tall Kay said...

Very clever 55 Mr. Monkey Man...the shape is a new slant to an old idea! High five for most creative!

Unknown said...

Tsk! At least that monkey will climb off your back on his own at the end of the season.

anthonynorth said...

It gets like that over here in the UK too.

CJ said...

Well done 55, even if I dread the football season. My first husband was such a football fanatic that no one around him could do anything right for three days if the local NFL team lost. That's why he became my EX-husband. Not surprisingly, that marriage kinda' left me with a lack of appreciation for the sport. But then, I guess it's better than some addictions.

My Flash 55 for this week is HERE.

the walking man said...

Never could find a helmet that fit. I guess that's because i was just being born when Detroit last had a team of note. *shrug*

Hootin' Anni said...

Go Broncos!! [LOL...okay, okay, I know so many despise that team...but hey, I'm from Colorado originally.]

Mine's posted too. As always, scroll down beyond my show n tell for Friday!

Dr.John said...

A flash 55 for a terrible addiction. I wonder if there is a twelve step program.

Mine is posted


But it’s a groaner.

Anonymous said...

Ah ~ football season! I've been relegated to another type of "football" ~ soccer. Huge sport here in Italy and I've just begun to learn the players. Glad you have your "fix".


Chef Kar

My 55 for this week is here.

PhilipH said...

The word 'football' causes a long and heartfelt groan to emanate from my missus.

She knows that her favourite programs will be pushed aside so that footballers can take over for two or more hours.

Groan, groan, moan, groan....

Oh be quiet woman!

Mona said...

LOl! You had me thinking about drug addiction for a while! great twist in the end :D!

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm suddenly single during this season. I could go out for hours; nobody would miss me.