Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Mountain

A mountain loomed before them.

At first its mere presence made them

and their task seem insignificant.

Undeterred, they stayed on task.

The kiss was passionate.


This is a Sunday 160.
Take the Challenge if you dare.


the walking man said...

Now there is a curiosity about what the task at hand is.

Wendy said...

Hooray for the ridiculous awesomeness of "Kung Pow"! And what a gorgeous mountain AND lovely sentiments. Awww.

ToBlog today said...

Half a sleep, but I did the 160 challenge. : )

Silver said...

Is this you and your other half in this pic? Ah.. such a beautiful couple!


PhilipH said...

Happy looking couple. Who might they be, or should one not ask?

BTW, how do you keep count of the number of characters and spaces? I find it difficult to count them.

Monkey Man said...

TWM - you just stay curious.

Wendy - If you like Kung Pow you would probably like "Evolution". Kinda mushy post, huh?

Angelina - Thanks for taking the challenge. I took a look and you are a talent.

Silver - Yes.

Phillip - I am uncovered. But there are other photos of both of us in other blogs. Just not necessaryily together.
As for the count - I write it in a word document and under word count it also gives you the character count WITH spaces. I find my text messaging on my phone is only about 144 even though it says 160.

Silver said...

Congrats and you are welcome ;)

i must have been half asleep when i was doing that post .. i should include the ".. Do pass it along to the next 5 !"


Enchanted Oak said...

Fun idea. I'm just cruising around the blogosphere looking to connect with people who like writing and sobriety.
It's still Sunday,so here's my 160:


Damned if it is a measure of your worth that
U have more tchotchkes than books
Stultifying on your shelves, a reminder
That everything arises and returns to it

Deb said...

What a great shot of you two! What mountain is this if I may ask? Gorgeous! I guess you made it up there since there is snow at your feet... :) I'm gonna take a look at this challenge...

Monkey Man said...

Enchanted - Great 160. Thanks for jumping in. Hope to see you again.

Maude Lynn said...

Definitely makes you wonder about the task at hand!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


MM, you are growing in your writing and how wonderful it all is. Thank you for being you.

Soft love,

Monkey Man said...

Mama Zen - The task at hand was coming up with a 160....or was it?

T - You are so kind.

Claudya Martinez said...

I'm sure after witnessing the task at hand, the mountain felt insignificant.