Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What The Hell Wednesday - Just Desserts

While this isn't the first time someone has run afoul with the law for a "food fight" - see my previous WHTW's titled "That Steak Packs a Punch" and "Tatter Tussel" - I am sure it also won't be the last. Just the same, this story carries an oddity the other two don't...

Woman Arrested For Cupcake Attack

CHICAGO - A Chicago woman arrested on a domestic battery charge allegedly hit her husband over the head and pelted him with cupcakes, police said.

Chicago police said they were called to a home Saturday night in the Brighton Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side of the city and officers arrived to find the husband with smudges of icing on his head and body, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday.

The husband told police he feared for his safety.

Police said the woman admitted to throwing the cupcakes and used "a very aggressive tone" when speaking to officers.

Dawn Montesdeoca, 60, was arrested on a misdemeanor count of domestic battery. Cook County Circuit Judge Adam D. Bourgeois Jr. ordered electronic monitoring for the woman.


I love that this food fight happened in Cook County. That is so appropriate. But my guess is that Dawn may not have been such a great cook. I mean, how else could this fight have started?

Husband: "Dawn, these cupcakes taste like sh#* and they're so heavy we could hurt someone with them. When are you gonna learn how to bake?"

Dawn: "Great idea....Catch."

So put yourself in the position of being the police who show up at this domestic disturbance and find a guy covered with icing and cake bits. How do you keep from laughing? I mean really. I would have almost bit my tongue in two suppressing even a giggle. Then in their report they actually write that Dawn used "a very aggressive tone" with them. Uh, yah. At least she didn't throw more of her crappy cupcakes.

Not to mention that husband is probably lucky Dawn only picked up cupcakes. But what's next? How will this escalate the next time her cooking is complained about? Husband can only hope she doesn't cook with a cast iron skillet. Or bake know....rolling pin.

One thing is more than certain, and that is when the Chicago police shared this story back at the precinct house more than one of their peers pronounced between laughs, "What the Hell?"


Brian Miller said...

haha they could lead to obesity and health problems you know...dangerous things those cupcakes...

MorningAJ said...

You can get a nasty paper cut from the paer they're baked in.

Julie Ferguson said...

haha, assault with a deadly cupcake.....I love it.

the walking man said...

Good thing Dawn wasn't a bricklayer and just finishing tuck pointing the porch eh? That could have been a real what the hell moment.

Katherine Krige said...

Love it! Nothing lyrical about this one Keith. Beware the beleaguered baker. Now watch that tone young man! bwahahaha!

WTH is right. :)