Thursday, August 25, 2011

55 - Exercising Discipline

Shaking his head back and forth 
in utter disbelief, he said, 
“I’ve been using these exercise videos 
for more than a week 
and I’ve actually gained weight. 
I just can’t figure it out.” 
To which his wife eagerly replied, 
“Maybe if you actually DID the exercises 
instead of just watching, you might see some results.”

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Anonymous said...

The bubblegum pink and heinous bodysuit-ness would be enough for me to lose weight (the weight of my lunch) in a big damn hurry.

Brian Miller said...

dolp...yep that might be time i ever worked out to a vid is tae bo...a long time ago...

Anonymous said...

So funny! That video sure brings back some memories!


G-Man said...

Are you sure that you want to post this?
Too late now!
Loved your 55
Thanhks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

steveroni said...

I have never 'worked out'...with a video, or not.

But I have worked!

Nice 160, Sir.

Lydia said...

(That "Toss me a vine." in your comment box just cracked me up!)

This is not only a well-done 55, but it shames me because I ordered Jane Fonda's new exercise video (for the, um, older set). So far it has looked just great on my living room shelf! Maybe reading your poem will give me incentive when I wake up in the morning to work out with that DVD. Thanks.

MorningAJ said...

Oh - I thought you just had to keep them on your bookshelf. :)

Cool idea.

Mona said...

he was not dumb! Just dumb struck! :D

W.C.Camp said...

Hey this sure rings true - I remember that vid and how popular it was. Cool memory! W.C.C.

Unknown said...

LOL. I've got the Cher workout video. I'm afraid to play it when the kids are home.

Pheromone Girl said...

Noooo... workout videos never replace the well-muscled personal trainer at the gym. Maybe your wife should find you a pretty, female trainer? At least you'd be shamed into following along instead of staring with your mouth open.

Scarlet said...

Very nice... yes, I remembered those videos from my mom's collection...Happy day ~

hedgewitch said...

I'm with Titanium--the pink stretchy thingie and bony hips plus the so yoo-glee hair puts me right off my feed. Great 55, MM, and on your stupid criminal--another point for Okieland! We can't keep up with Florida, but we try.

Maude Lynn said...

Clever one, Monkey Man! Sounds like this guy is bit too "Easy Going."

Unknown said...

My Dad loved that video. He said it exercised his eyes.

booguloo said...

Same thing happened to me once or three or five times.. smile...

Olivia said...

I am on a crash diet actually- lolss

Hugs xo

Cad said...

I think he had the right idea! LOL

hope said...

Oh that silly go for the burn stuff...should've burned the tape. ;0

Have a good weekend!

Katherine Krige said...

Thankfully I never exposed myself to fodder like that. Painful stuff.


I did want to share that a got a special piece of mail today. Thank you Monkey! Very cool. :)

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I've been guilty of purchasing the latest fad exercise video only to leave it collecting dust beneath the DVD player. I always go back to a simple running and strength training regimen. Besides, the last video I tried to do had the kids in stitches, laughing at my foibles!

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

love the twists and plot.
what an astonishing 55.
beautiful and enjoyable.

Claudya Martinez said...

I love your sense of humor.