Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What The Hell Wednesday - When Social Security Isn't Enough

With the economy still walking a tight rope, it appears our elders are sometimes the hardest hit. Some resort to extreme down sizing while others really take the bull by the horns. Here is how one man copes with his economic issues in the San Diego area.

Geezer Bandit Strikes Again

The Geezer Bandit, given his nickname due to his appearance of advanced age, has apparently struck again in Santa Barbara County for his 13th bank robbery in California. The FBI announced Saturday the robber hit a Bank of America branch in Goleta on Friday afternoon, threatening tellers with a revolver.

His appearance -- 60 to 70 years old, about 6 feet tall, dressed in a blazer, dark pants and a baseball cap -- and demeanor matched the description of a suspect in ten other area robberies.

In recent robberies, authorities have suggested that the robber may be wearing an "old-man" theatrical mask.

The FBI and several banks are offering a reward of $20,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

"Old Man mask"....suuurrre. As far as I'm concerned he looks like the real thing in this photo taken by a surveillance camera. Looks pissed, too.

I just love how you can just barely see through the teller window that he is holding something in his jacket pocket. No, Cialis isn't on his prescription list. Geezer seems to know what he is doing. We can only hope it isn't a real gun, although "authorities" seem to think it is the real deal.

Well, in this day and age, prescriptions are one of the biggest expenses in the budget of the elderly. I am sure "Geezer" is just trying to keep up with his drug habit - Lipitor, insulin, blood pressure meds, coumadin - you know the drill. All that crap that physicians put you on in order to extend your life and keep you in poverty long after your nest egg has disappeared.

Then again, maybe Geezer isn't being a modern day Clyde to support his "drug" habit. Rather he may have a young bride who needs to be kept in botox, hairdo's and nails....this is SoCal after all. Also, given that this is SoCal, how hard can it be to find an old man? He is probably the only one down there. This isn't Miami, ya know.

One way or another, as Geezer shuffles out of the bank with his Depends stuffed with money I bet you thought I was going to say something else the bank staff must have looked around and said to one another, "What the Hell?"


steveroni said...

Monkey Man, I sure wish you'd go easier on me--just trying to eek out a (dis)honest living...NO mask!

I'll finally end up in jail for not declaring my thefts on my IRS 1040.

Sharon Day said...

I'm convinced it's a dude in one of those uber realistic masks, but it if it were an old geezer, I say leave him alone. He's earned it. They should let him speed on the road without tickets too and shoplift some Tums if he needs them.

Caty said...

He looks like the real thing to me. I would not be good in law enforcement when it comes to old people breaking the law...I would let them off everytime! They have a special place in my heart

Brian Miller said...

he's still getting around pretty well to be robbing banks at his his retirement plan sucked...

Shadow said...

who says bank robbers need to be a certain age???

the walking man said...

This is what happens when there is no COLA raise on the SS check two years running and the doughnut hole is all that's left to eat after scripts are filled.

Maude Lynn said...

Hell, I just hope that I'm still able to rob a bank or two at that age!

Mister Sharaf said...


Shawn said...

Looks like Johnny Knoxville from jackass in make up... they should call him the Obama Bandit!

MorningAJ said...

But how much has he got away with? I mean - 13 hits! Shouldn't he have a decent sized nest egg by now?

(Nest egg? Probably more feather bed......) ;)