Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday - Scout's Honor, Your Honor

It was a fairly close call between this story and the story about the Cincinnati woman who robbed her husband at gun point, but how can you really top a MAYOR being arrested for stealing a purse and joy riding with a woman hanging off the side of his car. Ooooops! I just told the punch line before the joke. Oh well, read this story anyway.

San Gabriel Mayor Arrested

The mayor of San Gabriel has been arrested after a purse-snatching and a wild ride through streets with a woman clinging to his SUV.

San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang was booked early Friday for investigation of felony assault, felony robbery and misdemeanor battery, according to police Lt. Ariel Duran.

Huang was released on $100,000 bail late Friday morning. He says the incident was the result of a misunderstanding.

"As a public official and a former Boy Scout, I hold myself to the highest standard of conduct. On last night's incident, it was a great misunderstanding between friends. As a result I am confident I will restore my reputation and prove my innocence in court,'' he told The Associated Press in an email.

Police were called to a restaurant at about 1:30 a.m. after reports of a couple embroiled in a heated argument. Duran said the 35-year-old mayor and the woman were squabbling over money in the restaurant parking lot.

Huang took the woman's purse containing her car keys, cash and personal belongings and got into her car. When the woman tried to prevent him from leaving, Huang pushed her away and got into his own car.

The woman then reached through the passenger window while standing on the SUV's running board as Huang sped away.

"It's a 25 mph speed limit zone and he's doing 45 with the female hanging on the car,'' Duran said, adding that Huang drove more than a quarter mile with the woman clinging to the side of the SUV.

I just love that quote "As a public figure and a former Boy Scout...." Now there's a good one, a public figure saying they hold themselves to a higher standard. Apparently, holding yourself to the highest standard and actually achieving it are two vastly different fetes to accomplish. Perhaps his Mayorship should write down that little quote and take a gander at it when he gets a little pissed.

Or maybe this guy should be taking more money from special interest groups so he doesn't have to "squabble" over a dinner check with some woman. We can only assume they knew each other. We can also assume the relationship is close enough that they know whose car is whose. Of course this woman could have represented a special interest and Mayor McSpeed was just making sure she wasn't holding out any money.

As to the ride on the running boards, San Gabriel is close to Los Angeles which has Disneyland and as we all know at 1:30 in the morning Disneyland is closed. Certainly this woman is a thrill seeker and with Disneyland closed, riding the SUV running boards at 45 MPH in the dark was the next best thing to Space Mountain. But, according to Mayor Carchase, it was an innocent little incident. Risking someone's life over a bar tab isn't innocent, Mr. Mayor.

As our friendly mayor drove off and approached 45 MPH, I am sure the woman clinging to his passenger door was saying something a bit more offensive than "What the Hell?"


Shadow said...

whaaaaat?!?!?! was he thinking? no wait, he wasn't!

Cheryl said...

Pulling that old "I was a Boy Scout" routine hasn't worked since the Clinton era. Idiot.

Me said...

I don't know if this is international, but here in Canada, the Boy Scout Motto is "Be Prepared".

That being the case, if he was a REAL Boy Scout, you think he would have a) had a few extra bucks on him to cover the tab, and b) prepared a way better defense!


the walking man said...

i wonder what them who elected him are thinking about now?

Tabor said...

Very weird. Who are these people and how and why do we elect them?

Brian Miller said...

usually when i am driving down the street with someone clinging to the vehicle it is a misunderstanding as well...omg

Enchanted Oak said...

When I read this in our newspaper, my first thought was> They were both in an alcoholic stupor and their relationship went south. I've had nights like that. Fights like that, too. But thank God, not for a couple of decades.
Another thought: she must have been one hell of a tenacious woman.

Betsy Brock said...

wonder what his wife thinks! LOL!

Tina said...

And the idiocy factor in our world increases...exponentially, it seems.

Unknown said...

Ha! That made me laugh. I especially liked the name "Mayor McSpeed". I'm hoping he was not in his right mind due to alcohol, which would mean he was drinking AND driving while speeding AND risking the life of Ms. I-Know-You-Just-Di'int.

DaleTheDoll said...

Humans are a real mess, Monkey Man. Tht's why I hang with the dolls.

Deb said...

Unebleivable boy scout! That must have been a drunken little quarrel I'm assuming. Good God!!!

moondustwriter said...

I would have loved to see the scene as it occurred. Gosh where is reality TV when they're needed

Moonie smiles

Marla said...

Just another reason I miss California. Nothing exciting like this ever happens in Oklahoma ... unless you count the Make My Day law here.