Friday, May 14, 2010

Road Trip Revenge 55

Hate inspired adrenaline
kept him alert
during the six hour drive
across the rolling
wheat covered hills.
Revenge was his prime motivation.
The excitement of the hunt
made him feel more alive
than he had felt in months.
Finally, he would remove
the monkey from his back
and rid the world
of this horrible predator.
This is a Flash Fiction Friday 55.
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anthonynorth said...

He certainly came alive. Tight and gripping.

Anonymous said...

MM ~ I'm hoping you have a follow-up on this one. Or a short story. It made my heart race a little bit to know what the hell is going on!

Thanks for stopping by earlier.

Friday Flash 55 ~ Silvia's Smile

Hootin' Anni said...

I have 'flashes' of a movie as I read this...road rage....the movie? The Duel.

Long long ago tho.

Excellent work once again, for us 55'rs.

My 55 for the week, is HERE As always, scroll down past my Friday's Show n Tell to find it. Have a glorious day.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'm likin' it Monkey Man.

Vodka Logic said...

Love it.. don't we all have that monkey are our back at one time or another.

My 55 is up.

Brian Miller said...

oh, i wanna know who he's after...nice 55 monkey!

mine is up!

g-man said...

Nawww Perfect!
Wanting more is part of the fun!
Excellent 55 MM.
Thanks for this very intirguing story, and thanks for visiting.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Elisabeth said...

That's what the desire for revenge can do for you, as long as it doesn't win out in the end. The desire is great, its enactment may not be. It can wind up destroying you.

Terrific poem.

PattiKen said...

I'm with Brian. Who is he after, and what did te predator do? No, wait don't tell me. I suspect it would be too horrible.

Dr. Heckle said...

Flash Fridays! Woooo!

Unknown said...

Better watch out for vigilantism, tempting though it be.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, MM! This one calls for a prequel and a sequel... write on :)

Enchanted Oak said...

Yes! Revenge is a dish best served cold. But I admit to being left wanting more....
You're good, MM.

Unknown said...

WOW...this is really good stuff, MM.
I want more , please?
see you on Sunday?

drybottomgirl said...

Revenge is bittersweet: so much pleasure goes into planning it, and so little satisfaction comes from acting upon it. Great 55!

Rosaria Williams said...

Revenge is like rust, it eats itself.

Anonymous said...

Depends on what type of revenge. I hope it is sweet and I hope we get to find out what it is. Excellent my friend. :) Well done. Enjoy your weekend :)

Katherine said...

I would like to request further information? Who was the monkey? What did the monkey do to make him drive for 6 hours to have is revenge?
Very intriguing - Monkey Man!

moondustwriter said...

this guy needs an anger management class. I think he may have been at my 55 earlier in the day

thanks for the visit

Caty said...

I kinda got the feeling that the "monkey" is the predator and he's about to take care of what's been bothering him! That was just my interpretation! Great those thought provoking stories :)

One Prayer Girl said...

We have to wait till next Friday to find out what's next? Tell me it isn't so.

I'll wait. :)


Me said...

This is good! Now, what happens next?!? :)

Great 55!

Evalinn said...

I can feel the rage! Well written. Hope you´ll have a great weekend!

the walking man said...

some fuckers simply deserve to die and then God can sort it out.

moondustwriter said...

i accidentally posted my 160 on my blog early. What was I on last night???
breathing too much moondust

Maude Lynn said...

I want to know what happens next!

Claudya Martinez said...

Yeah, I want to know what happened before and what happens after.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

it is Friday 55,
you got readers with your 55,
no more,
no less,
let us guess the rest,
what a talented story teller!
I feel the rage
on the driver's long driving hours...

unbeatable 55.
Happy Sunday!

Marla said...

I hope you aren't the monkey. :-)