Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ebb or flow

Inspiration ebbs and flows.

The flows are exhilarating

like the rush of cold and

powder that strikes

your cheeks during

a fast slalom

down a well groomed trail.

The ebbs are catastrophe.

Wild thoughts enter

and die

as if sinking

ever so slowly

in quicksand.

The more the thought struggles

and tries to get out

the deeper it sinks

into a smothering abyss.

Many thoughts have recently

been under the false pressure

of needing to keep writing.

To keep a presence.

All the wrong reasons.

Forced creative

is as harsh

as a cheese grater

on a knuckle.

It brings back

old memories of

client deadlines,

not the fun of writing

for love

or about love

or about the love

of the dark places

that haunt

the far reaches

of the mind.

Must stop the struggle and just allow the flow.


Elisabeth said...

I know the feeling, Monkey man. It is probably best as you write, to go with the flow, otherwise it is as harsh as a 'grater on a knuckle' and that hurts.

the walking man said...

Relax, the only dead line that matters is the DEAD line.

Tabor said...

Very true. Writing should be compelling, but because we are compelled from within not without.

One Prayer Girl said...

As for me when I write poems, the flow is either there or it isn't. I must 'work' at it, but ultimately it is about the flow or lack of it.

I loved your thoughts here. I can relate in my own way.


Brian Miller said...

so true...some days it comes easy. somedays its like trying to force a bowling ball through a needle.

Enchanted Oak said...

This was good, and I relate to both the rush of the flow and the emptiness of the ebb. When my mind is running on empty, and I'm just dealing with the practical things of life, I go with that flow. I can have faith that soon enough the inspiration will strike if I stay mindful.

Marla said...

Wow, Monkey, this is exactly where I was the last few days. Yesterday I realized I had stopped writing for me and had slipped back to people pleasing.

Good post!

Rosaria Williams said...

Yeah. You said it for all of us.

listen for azure said...

You can always change your name and open a chapter of some mexican fast food restaurant in a new city.

Oh, wait - you weren't asking for advice. Sorry.

No lectures here.

Love the photo.