Thursday, November 12, 2009

A tasty 55

Overcome with a passion
few could understand
he began the process
of undressing his victim.
Peeling a layer at a time
to reveal the milky white skin
he so loved to see, feel and taste.
The skin beckoned.
He opened his mouth
and bit hard,
tearing into his target.

God, he loved onions.

This is a Flash Fiction Friday 55.

If you want to know what the hell that means visit g-man.
The challenge is on.

Or come back on Sunday to try my Sunday 160.
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One Prayer Girl said...

Oh my, what a wickedly clever 55. Loved it.


Unknown said...

Oh, this one made me want to cry. :)

Larry said...

hmmmm kinda pervy or it seemed but after all it was great and I liked it look forward to reading you again.
this Blog Of Mine

anthonynorth said...

Wickedly funny. Enjoyed that.

Hootin' Anni said...

For a minute there I thought I was going to need a cold shower! You had me going.

My is now posted today - just scroll down a bit, below my show n tell Click Here

Brian Miller said...

what an amazing twist...i was really wondering where that one was going! marvelous 55!

mine is up!

The Peach Tart said...

Clever and provocative 55.

Anonymous said...

Lovely play on words ~ I too love onions, but prefer them sauteed in extra virgin olive oil :-)

I'm up:
Friday Flash 55 ~ DELETE

the walking man said...

With peanut butter.

Mike said...

Very good! I love twists!

Dr.John said...

Now I really liked that 55. The end was a surprise.

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it

But it’s a groaner.

Enchanted Oak said...

Arg! Onions with a twist!
I'm going to try to link my 55 here. You have to duck under Groucho Marx to find it.
Well, that didn't work. Try, try, try again.

Nessa said...

It's like a layer cake. No, it's more like an onion.

Very funny 55.

Flash 55 - Blue Gill

Anonymous said...

Simply Superb, peeling layer at a time to undress was quite interesting. Enjoyed reading the Flash 55.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Onions are great unless I have to chop them!

Great 55 Monkey Man!

Wait. What? said...

Sultry with a touch of suprise! Nice work!

Sundays are hard for me but I may take a look at your Sunday 160 and prepare something for next week!

Matty said...

Although I don't care for onions, your tasteful metaphor is delightful.

big Jenn said...

You sexy thing you!jeNN

g-man said...

Not kissing anybody today are you?
Excellent 55 Monkey Man!
I enjoy onions with most anything, and like Walking Man...With Peanut Butter!
Have a Kick-Ass Week End!

Tall Kay said...

You definitely had me fooled! First I thought it was going to be naughty, then a vampire, then a surprise! I just love you clever REAL writers! Always fun to read. Enjoy your weekend.

Stacey J. Warner said...

Good one!

much love

Janna said...

I used to love onions, but then developed some weird reaction to them, and now they make me sick... literally. Even the smell makes me throw up. (!!)

Great Friday 55! Love it! :)

Claudya Martinez said...

When my brother was tiny he used to eat onions like apples. I don't get it.

Tracie said...

I thought he was a vampire. Good one!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Ha!!! Great 55!

Rosaria Williams said...

I was ready to toss this out; then, I changed my mind and threw it on the grill with some olive oil. Delicious.

Shadow said...

how perfect. although my mind at first didn't think of an onion, heee heee heee

Anonymous said...

OMG...this is just too awesome. Perfect my friend. :)

Unknown said...

I never really thought of onions as sexy, but well now you've made them sexy for me! Great 55!

DreamDancer said...

Love it, you've added a new twist to onions... I will never look at them the same, heehee! Thanks for visiting me :)

hope said...

You little stinker you. ;)

I always love the ones that draw you in, then toss you a curve....with a laugh.

Mona said...

That is such a wonderful twist in the end! I never knew that eating a raw onion could be such an erotic experience! :D

listen for azure said...

Only if it's a walla walla sweet, silly.

Sandra said...

I know this is an oldie, but clearly a goodie. I saw the pic of the bite being taken while reading the current poem about creepy Santa, and I thought the onion was a boob, so of course, I had to come over and check it out. Stop judging.