Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fish Stinks from the Head

Written up and verbally spanked.
Watching as the set up for the future
was being indirectly laid out.

The stink rose from it as if the paper
had been flavored by the words and
pressed from the compost of evil
thoughts and manipulative planning
that had bred this blood sport.

Toe the line. Meet unstated goals.
Don't make any mistakes and please
check your sense of humor at the door.

Family and camaraderie are spoken
here but only played out as a fantasy.
We want to pretend to look good so
our Gods of a greater corporate level
can see that we mean well.

It is all about facade.
True heart means nothing.
Soulless eyes lead.
Church on Sunday allows them
to be forgiven and let's them
live with their sin in a false skin.

A skin uncomfortable to me.
Let them have it.
Let them chafe.
Let them view a reflection that
looks familiar but scares just the same.

Agendas are kept hidden as new plots
hatch from the rot of spoiled minds.

Honor and honesty don't play
in today's game.


Stacey J. Warner said...

I think we worked at the same place for awhile...LOL!

I've been lucky to find the corporate renegades work for!

much love

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Whoa. Do you know my old boss? She's probably not praying for me anymore. Oh well....

Nessa said...

Virtue is the true mask.

Flash 55 - Morbid Norberth

Tracie said...

Ah - The church thing. Yes, I have known many of those "good Christians".

Enchanted Oak said...

I missed this the other day and am glad I caught the "fish" now. This was awesome. My favorite line: "Agendas are kept hidden as new plots/hatch from the rot of spoiled minds."
I once lost a good job to office politics and I relate.