Sunday, February 21, 2010

Signs of Spring in 160

Winter's cold
was yielding
to the warming sun,
as Mother Earth
tilted on her axis.
Bare branches blurred
in soft green and pink edges.
Teasing Spring’s arrival.

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Dianne said...

Ha! 1st comment. and yes, the 160's are out there! mine will be up at midnight+5
Your 160 looks like my Haiku!
Happy Sunday,

the walking man said...

Wait! This is the first winter in a decade I have nothing to complain about. It may stay a bit, for a while longer more huge dump on DC would be cool. I like the silence.

lakeviewer said...

You are on the same time schedule as I am. Yet, this is up and running already. There must be an automatic button one can access to post.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Sorry I am late but here I am.

I love that you are looking forward to Spring,
my favourite season.


Brian Miller said...

spring is such a was so nice yesterday.

my 160 is up!

have a great Sunday!

Nessa said...

We went in opposite weather directions although I don't think Spring can peek through our snow yet.

I played this week.

160 Reflections

Beth said...

Excellent 160! I am so ready for spring!

listen for azure said...

So many things to look forward to this year.

I have to write one of these one of these days....

Matty said...

Here I am impatiently waiting for spring and summer. And you remind me once again it still isn't here. Patience is a virtue.


I just put up my first 160. :) I look forward to many more!

Prayer Girl said...

Lovely 160. I remember the first signs of spring when I lived in the North. I would see the first delicate buds on the branches of the cherry blossoms or little green shoots coming up through the ground. It was always so exciting.


Marla said...

I am ready for spring! Nice post

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Bring it on! We need some good golf weather for #1 Son!~

Thanks for your comments. You're a good friend, MM and definitely not a pussy!

Felicitas said...

Thank goodness! Spring cannot come too early for me. A terrific reminder in 160 characters!

Ms Hen said...

Very very very very nice..

BettyAnn. I started a new job this weekend.. had to skip writing.. but will be back next 160.. :)

(hugs) enjoy your week.. !!!

Mama Zen said...

I can't wait!

Larry said...

Well I'm finally up guess it's better to be late than to never play eh? so sory folkd I'm late again but posted now you'll find my entre by following the link below.

ground Hogs Shadow

thanks Larry.

Prayer Girl said...

I broke the rules on my first attempt, but it's up anyway.

I plan a better one next time.


Cloudia said...

I enjoy reading yours!

Aloha, Monkey Friend

Comfort Spiral

Enchanted Oak said...

OOOO this was lush and beautiful.
(interesting word verification: braincog. How do you like that?)

C.M. Jackson said...

the sun was shining here this weekend and for a few hours I was convinced that spring was almost here--today rain and snow --oh well;-)your 160 makes the possibility of spring real!

Cameron said...

reminds me of spring in central park, all the pretty cherry blossoms!!!