Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When are words not words?

For several days now I have been saving the words from the Word Verifications sometimes required to post a comment. I was saving because I had this brilliant idea that I would give some of the more interesting of the words definitions. Oh, how original, I thought, then while reading "I won't be doing THAT again" by Greeneyed Momster I followed a comment by one of her followers to Unknown Mami and on her September 10 post titled "Fragmented Fridays" there it was - MY IDEA. It may have only been one word, but it was the same idea.

Deflated, I was on the edge of throwing away the sheet with those dozens of word verifications I had written down. Okay, it was only 31, but it represented such hard work and all those tedious hours reading and commenting on blogs in order get a decent amount of verifications, I just couldn't throw them out. So with all due respect to Unknown Mami, I proceed.

There won't be 31 definitions - I am just not that bright and creative and most of the words just sucked. But there should be enough to keep us entertained and perhaps to generate a bit of creativity on the part of my fellow bloggers. You are a very creative bunch.

Here are a few definitions for your perusal:
  • Untat - Removal of unwanted ink, preferably by laser.

  • Swayss - A relatively long distance from one point to the next. "It swayss from here."

  • Entab - Placement of dividers between section of a written document.

  • Sconing - The search for just the right breakfast biscuit.

  • Fezotypt - How the logo and official ranking information is placed on a Shriners hat.

  • Hydrads - Advertising at the bottom of swimming pools.

  • Bloefysh - The face a fat guy makes when he puts his lips on glass and blows air.

  • Boelestro - A bowl of chocolate to keep the PMS at bay (special thanks for Mrs. Monkey Man)

  • Phyri - When certain redhead, to whom I am married, gets naughty.

  • Mendin - The sounds coming from a bar on any given Sunday afternoon during football season.

  • Subso - When you aren't even feeling so-so.

  • Subpr - Public relations done poorly. Most likely from the back of a van.

  • Breangl - An angel made out of cheese.

  • Pitud - Description of the confidence you feel when you find out what the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter equals.

  • Capsy - The unbalanced feeling one gets when wearing too many hats.

  • Atesstr - A teacher too lazy to teach but constantly hands out quizzes. Or when your child pushes your buttons.

  • Hotkir - The newest and most sought after white wine.

  • Hopha - The rebranding of an old line union boss' family name.

So that about wraps it up. Others on the "I almost gave a definition to that" list are sking, ityrounz, ratmet, capha and rargs. But I am running out of energy and Mrs. Monkey Man deserves what energy I have left.

Just as Unknown Mami did in her blog, test yourself to write a definition. Use one of my unused, rewrite one I wrote or come up with your own new Word Verification Word. Come on in, the water's fine. It's bingis.


SILVER said...

Bloefysh - The face a fat guy makes when he puts his lips on glass and blows air.

you are brilliant. i almost had my lunch spewed out when i saw how you defined it. ;P

i like to stay and give it a try.. but right now, my brain is just too 'sking', must be all the 'ratmet' i have met recently when i needed a quote to fix my leaking roof and plumbing problems..so i gotta 'rargs' for now, k.


the walking man said...

ratmet-Descriptive term for what you become after meeting a two legged rodent.

pheromone girl said...

My comment verification word is "vpine". Pronounced "vee-pin-ay". Defined as a special pasta mad of vegetables. The kids won't eat it, you know.

Deb said...

Oh I enjoyed that! I personally loved, "sconing"! Brilliant!

I just got "shrie".

My definition: She Has Raging Idiots Everywhere

(Story of my life!) ;)

Cliff W said...

Brilliant! Subso - hilarious.

lakeviewer said...

This is precious! Send it to Jay Leno; he seems at a loss for words now that he is on two hours before his wake-up time.

p.s my word verification is "yaniant", meaning don't take this here comment seriously.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Wonderful definitions! All of the word verifications are saved in my computer's memory so when I go to type one several come up! I see the strangest things! I love it when I type one wrong and then it gets all serious and the letters are bold and far apart like "T R Y A G A I N D A S S"

What a great post! I'm going to add you to my list of Thought Provokers so that I'll know when you update!

W.V. houtc What's the definition of that?

Unknown Mami said...

I think you should just chalk it up to great minds think alike.

sconing has an alternate definition: similar to a spooning where you lay in bed with your partner, but sconing is for people of a more rotund physique.

Example: After a long and tiring day apart from each other, they looked forward to getting in bed, snuggling, and falling asleep while sconing.

Monkey Man said...

You guys are so much fun. Thanks for joining in.
Silver - sking now defines itself.

TWM - I am ratmet daily. My daughter has two as pets.

PG - And they don't eat the vpine do they.

Deb - Nice acronym. I so know the feeling.

Lakeviewer - I took it yaniantly.

GEM - houtc (pronounced out-see) is the opposite on an insy bellybutton.

Mami - I bow to your originality in post and creativity. I'm not worthy.

Matty said...

I like this idea. I had to chuckle at some of your defs.

P.S. My word verification for this comment is "truci".