Thursday, September 17, 2009

Radiation Man Part II

Back in early September I had a PET/CT scan and wrote about the whole episode. Included was reference to the follow up meeting with Dr. Oncology to review the results of the scan. Well, that meeting was Wednesday and it went as I would have expected.

Upon arriving, Nurse Sue, who is just about the most wonderful person in the world, had me step up on the scale (weight within two pounds of a year ago) then took my pulse (68 bpm) followed by blood pressure reading. I always like to guess my blood pressure and since I was five minutes late to the appointment, I figured it would be a bit high for me at maybe 132 over 86, but Sue must have a calming effect because it was 110 over 72. Not bad for a stress driven guy like me. Anyway, a great start - vitals good.

We (Mrs. Monkey Man was with me, which was most probably the real reason for the calm) were hustled off to Room number one to wait for Dr. Oncology. While there we confirmed with Nurse Sue the list of meds I take on a daily basis - a statin for cholesterol, a multi vitamin and fish oil - I am so boring.

That done, we continue waiting for Dr. Oncology. While we wait I ponder what I wrote about him and his fondness for bare breasted Brazilian women in thongs. I really should have portrayed him in a better light. So when Dr. Oncology walks in, I ask him where he would like to go on vacation any place in the world and money were no object.

His first question to me is "With kids or without." Smart man. Guess that's why he's a doctor.

"Without." I say.

To which he replies, "How long a vacation." he takes his conversations seriously.

"Two weeks," is the answer.

"My brother in law recently went to Bali and enjoyed it. Even though it takes forever to fly there. Is this an exploring vacation or a relaxing vacation." he asks.

I'm thinking, does this guy know how to relax....all these questions and it's so rhetorical. "Whatever you want," is my response.

He decides he would like to go to Australia and Bali to explore and perhaps mix in a bit of relaxation. So my apologies to Doc O for giving everyone the idea he was some kind of letch. He is apparently a loving husband and hard working father.

That cleared up we get to the point. The technicians who analyze PET/CT scans noticed one area that seemed somewhat in question but not so much that they even wanted to take another look.
Translated into my speak -No sign of any new cancer. This makes Mrs. Monkey Man very happy. Maybe tonight she will sleep.


the walking man said...

Well good for you brother on the positive spin on the CT scan. I wouldn't be to critical of your earlier write on Dr. Oncology and bare breasted women, you know they do have them in Bali and Australia as well.

word verification today, gencron, The really really old generation of witches.

lakeviewer said...

Good news, indeed. Hope you both had a good night's rest.

The Peach Tart said...

Congratulations on the health news. I hope Mrs. Monkey Man got a good night's sleep.

Matty said...

That's good news!!

P.S. Funny story about the conversation with the doc.

PhilipH said...

So pleased to read this post MM. I guess you're a happy bunny as well as your missus.

I lost my much-loved younger brother Geoff in April this year after a struggle with kidney cancer. I do so miss the guy and always will.

Well done the pair of you!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Yay! :)

Hope you slept well too!


I'd like to travel to Australia too and meet my bloggy friends there but I'd have to be sedated for the long trip.
W.V. = stidi If I typed it correctly, that is....

g-man said...

Great News...AND...I can't drive 55!