Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ice Queen - 160

The ice queen couldn’t understand
why people weren’t getting over it.
The real question was,
will they grieve
or remember her ice cold heart
upon her own death?

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Claudia said...

Hi Monkey Man - couldn't resist to write a 160 - but - that's a HUGE challenge for us girls... ;=)

...I think an ice cold heart will always be remembered..

Pete Marshall said...

ice cold hearts stay more in our memories that a warm one ever will...such is the nature of the beast.....another great 160..

mines up...and a bit darker than last weeks



Brian Miller said...

probably just not the way she had ever hoped you know...i think we tend to remember the extremes longer thatn the luke warm....nice 160 monkey.

my 160 is up!

Mona said...

No body remembers an ice cold heart after one's death. The moment a person dies, people forget all the negative things about him. You cannot point out one's faults with ease after their death. That is why, whenever someone dies, ppl will always say that so & so was a very nice person. No matter how terrible he/she might have been in their lifetime

Devika said...

perhaps she doesn't care a damn about that!

ice cold heart- ever felt the "heat" of that, MM?


PattiKen said...

I'm with Pete, her ice cold heart will always beat in their memories. And I wonder what that says about us.

I’m in and wondering about more here.

Mama Zen said...

This is wicked cool!

Michael said...

I have a cheerful 160 (for once) here.

Felicitas said...

The truth always wins out in the end! Cool 160 MM... and I've got a hot one for you!

Monkey Man said...

Moondustwriter is gone for the weekend but has posted a 160. You will find it HERE.

f82bfat said...

I was just curious about what "it" is that the people aren't getting over. Reminds me of Princess Diana's death and the way the royalty there reacted in the beginning. I suppose even an ice queen has someone who cares when they are gone. Mine is up.

Harris Channing said...

You know what's so sad? There truly are people like that. Great insight.

Here's the link to mine:

Alice Audrey said...

Those ice cold hearts are so easy to remember and hard to forgive. Great 160, MM.

Mine is here

Anonymous said...

"Cool" one, this!!
Grieve? I doubt..
But remember? More than they would like to :)
Gee... what a thought provoking 160 !!

Here is mine for this Sunday... :)

Larry said...

good one my friend I'm posted also just follow the link below.

Fire Ants

Thanks For reading:

Me said...

Hmmm...interesting questions, MM. I like it.

After taking a few weeks off, I've got one up this week.

Enjoy your what's left of the weekend...

Jingle said...

thought provoking questions...
loved your 160.

Jingle said...

mine is up,
hope that it is not too late!

Caty said...

"people never remember what you do, but never forget how you made them feel." I don't remember whose quote this is but it's one of my favorites. Great 160. I'm late but working on mine now :)

Caty said...

ok it's up finally :)

TALON said...

The icy ones tend to stick around in our hearts - if only because we want to know why we failed to thaw them.

I like these 160's - they pack a lot of punch in so few words. Really neat.

Dianne said...

so little time, so many words.
thanks for keeping me blogging,
160 in sixty min I can manage.
mine is finally up.
no need to reply
keep scrawling mon-key

Anonymous said...

I love this...quite a challenge. Thanks for the fun.
Here's my Sunday 160

Tracy H

Matty said...

The picture goes so well with the poem. I know a few people with ice cold hearts.

Deb said...

Wow, I agree with Matty - the photo & poem go great together. I guess it's better to think about the good rather than the ice cold heart of humanity sometimes.
Sometimes, the ice is to protect their own heart from getting hurt.

Everyday Goddess said...

it's a pretty safe bet, thumbs down.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I wonder where you get the awesome images to go with your awesome posts.

Hope you are happy and well.


Nessa said...

Oh, very cool! You should have saved it for Valentine's Day though.


Unknown Mami said...


moondustwriter said...

love the icy heart
sorry I didn't read this earlier

Marla said...

Delightfully wicked.