Tuesday, March 2, 2010


She gave birth to me.
Cleaned my scraped knees.
Wiped my little boy tears.
Taught me that cooking, laundry
and sewing were as important to independence
as any of the tools my father handed me.
Took me to football practice
and bass guitar lessons.
Schlepped my band to gigs.
Supported me in all my dreams.
She gave of her heart.
The heart that fails her now.
Our time is precious and it is coming to an end.

I love you, Mom.


Brian Miller said...


enjoy every moment and gather those memories.

thoughts and prayer monkey.

Matty said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry. Mothers are so precious.

Larry said...

I know there isn't a whole lot we can do but offer our prayers and condolences. Like Brian says spend as much time as possible. My heart goes out to you Monkey Man I lost my father two years ago and still feel the pain and miss him Tremendously. Just remember my prayers are with you ...

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

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Shadow said...

your words moved me. beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!

the walking man said...

Bear up MM...The best of your mom will live for as long as everything she schooled you in lives. teach you children and she goes on for another generation. Be Strong.

Marla said...

Oh, MM ~ I can only sit here weeping with you and for you, understanding all too well this pain. What an incredible gift ... to be loved by a good mom.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Beautiful post to your mom! I understand the pain of the loss, but cherish and create the memories of love that you can now!!!

peace to you

Sreehari Nandakumar said...

Wonderful tribute to your mom!!

Chris said...

really beautiful; i bet she knows just how you feel, moms are like that

Green-Eyed Momster said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I'm so sorry Monkey Man!

She gave you the best gifts of all though, life and her heart.

Warm regards,

Felicitas said...

MM, I'm so sorry your mom isn't doing well. You have written a beautiful tribute to her.

My thoughts are with you.

Deb said...


My worst fear. This was beautiful.

Nessa said...

A beautiful love letter to your mom.

Unknown Mami said...

Truly beautiful!